134 - Dungeons & Dragons & Dice — with Karen Wang (Part 1)
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When you hear that someone is an “overnight success”, rarely did it happen overnight. But our guest in this episode is kind of the exception. Kind of.

Karen Wang is the founder of Dispel Dice. A luxury dice-making business that was Kickstarted into existence. Over the course of her 30 day campaign, she raised over $2 million. All for her stunning, beautiful, and bespoke dice. And that first $1 million, happened on day one.

If your jaw isn’t on the floor, then please re-read that last paragraph. Because that kind of support for a debut Kickstarter campaign is unheard of.

But the path leading up to that fateful launch was no walk in the park. The same morning Karen pulled in her first million from Kickstarter, was the same morning her bank called to say that she had overdrawn her account.

In this two part episode Karen walks us through the windy, bump-ridden road she took to build the incredible business she runs today.

In part 1, we get to know the person behind the dice. How she went from feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, and dropping out of art school to finding her calling through a friendly game of Dungeons & Dragons.

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