You cannot feel both gratitude and entitlement at the same time
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We're back with another edition of Agent Talks, and I'm excited to bring Lindsey Benton, who is not only a dear friend. We've known each other for over five years, watching each other's businesses grow. What you have today with Live. Laugh. Denver is a tribe. You have this amazing group of people that have come around and you're all growing together, sharing together and learning together. And I want to share that with everybody else because you're one of the most positive, realistic people I know. You look at everything you dissect, you determine what's important and critical to today. And then what can I do to inspire my team moving forward? And I've watched you grow this team up and just brilliant. Lindsey, I want to start out with you know what the what? You have 15 people on your team licensed. How are you keeping them and yourself motivated and positive during all this change that we're working through?


In this episode, Lindsey tells us, "I've gone back to the mantra of you cannot feel both gratitude and entitlement at the same time. Or you can fill in different words for entitlement but staying focused on gratitude. We still have the ability to work, although we have limitations. We all have our health right now and continuing to be grateful for those things and those relationships. The other thing I'm trying to do is sift through a lot of the information for them and make sure that we're really passing on the information that's important. So as they juggle everything with work and home and a lot of them are homeschooling for the kiddos or eLearning. I'm just making sure that I'm keeping the information filtered for them and concise. As well as focusing on facts. And when you focus on facts there is not as much fear involved."

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