Financial Independence for Early Retirement through House Hacking
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Nicole's guest today is Zeona McEntyre. In this episode, they talk about house hacking to financial freedom. House hacking is the way that Zeona thought to be financially independent. And her role now is really just to help empower people, inspire people and get them excited about what's possible. People they think, "Oh yeah, financial independence or early retirement, that's for other people, that can't happen for me. Or if I'm going to do that, it's going to take me 15 years." But she did it in two years with house hacking. She also believes it's really doable in five and traditional people that are doing just financial independence with index funds, they do it in about 10. So it's almost about just knowing it's possible and then allowing yourself to have that.


In this episode she talks about the foundations of financial independence. Some of the kind of like misnomers or confusion around it. She'll go into why, why would you want to house hack? Why would you want to share your home if it's your COVID palace, why would you want to do that? It better be for a good reason.

Shen then goes through four strategies that you can use, like four different ways you can house hack, as well as some case studies and resources at the end.

Zeona's story:

It all started when... Zeona's best friend got laid off from a big time job in New York City and could no longer afford his apartment. He called her one day excited to share his decision to travel with his new found "funemployment" funds and rent out his apartment on this website he just heard about called Airbnb. That was 2011....

After much persuading she finally decided to give it a try and never looked back!

Fast forward nearly 8 years and a whole lot of hospitality magic later. Zeona now owns seven properties, manages 20 (& counting! worldwide). She teaches others how to invest in properties with Airbnb in mind & create automated businesses. She lives in Boulder, CO half of the year and spends the other time traveling the world as an International Pet/House sitter.

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