E38: Adith Podhar (Managing Partner, Gemba Capital)
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Adith Podhar is the Managing Partner at Gemba Capital, a fund which invests in angel rounds of tech firms focused on India consumption and cross-border SaaS.

Prior to Gemba, Adith has worked at Motilal Oswal PE fund in Mumbai, and spent time at ICICI as a Product Manager.

Follow Adith (@adithpodhar), host Akash Bhat (@bhatvakash) and our podcast (@thedesi_vc) on Twitter.

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In this episode we will cover:

1. Covid impact on investing (1:47)

2. How does Adith look back on 2020? (6:43)

3. What might the next 24 months look like? (11:47) 

4. Sectors within India that Adith is bullish on (14:26)

5. Adith’s background and journey into VC (18:00)

6. Learnings as a founder and how it’s helpful in VC today (21:11)

7. How have different investing experiences influenced Adith’s investor persona? (30:11)

8. How did Adith write his first check and what was the process behind it ?(34:18)

9. Gemba’s current investment thesis (38:29)

10. Raising money from domestic LPs (43:01)

11. Challenges of raising money from within India (45:41)

12. How does Gemba add value to startups? (48:37)

13. Portfolio support & time allocation (53:15) 

14. What does it take to be a good investor? (55:56)

15. How does Adith evaluate companies and founders of similar profiles (58:24)

16. Time spent on due diligence (1:00:13)

17.  Rapid fire (1:02:55)

The Indian Dream
The Indian Dream
Sahil & Siddharth
Business Munchies: Pre-School/Day Care Industry, Invoice Discounting & Non-Alcoholic Beer
In this episode of Business Munchies, we discuss the following ideas:  1. Pre-School/Day Care Industry: Urbanization is increasing, and nuclear families are on the rise. Combine this with the fact that more women are now part of the workforce, the need for Day care and pre-schools will be increasing at a 20%+ compounded growth rate in the next few years. This presents opportunities to build businesses in this Industry. We speak about the niche in this space of doing Corporate Day Care and also the opportunity in Tier 2 & Tier 3.  2. Creator Economy: We look at what's happening in this space and the two core problems that need to be solved as this industry matures. First, how do you ensure that the wealth created in this space is spread across many creators instead of just the top ones. Second, how can you improve distribution for new creators.  3. Invoice Discounting: We talk about TReDs and the government's intent to expand the scope of this platform to ensure all government agencies use the platform to enable their vendors to discount the invoices raised against these agencies. This will provide working capital relief for companies working with government agencies. We also talk about the opportunity to identify niche industries in this space and develop a strong expertise in that segment.  4. Non-Alcoholic Beer: There is growing concerns over the health impact of Alcohol and the hangovers that older people have to deal with. We discuss if there are opportunities to create non-alcoholic beverages and if there's a space in creating products that help with hangovers.
37 min
Indian Silicon Valley
Indian Silicon Valley
Jivraj Singh Sachar
E32 - Understanding the Opportunity w/Bugworks' Anand Anandkumar
In this Episode, I speak with Anand Anandkumar, the Founder and CEO of Bugworks, a drug discovery company trying to find a solution for the super bugs! Anand is such an articulate, passionate and thoughtful founder. It was a treat to speak with him and unbundle years of his diverse experiences on the Episode. From his days of completing his PhD, working in the chip industry, starting Cellworks and eventually targeting the unsolvable problem of fighting Super Bugs with Bugworks. Anand is an incredible founder and innovator, leading the innovation in Biotechnology and health-technology from India.  Through the Episode we discuss the following: 1. (3:45) - Wealth as a Motivation in Starting Up 2. (6:44) - Navigating through Anand's journey - a result of a series of Decisions  3. (15:25) - The Paradox of Privilege 4. (22:49) - Understanding BioTech & HealthTech in India  5. (30:56) - Making Great People believe in his Vision to solve an Unsolvable Problem  6. (37:53) - Patience & Perseverance as Founder || Chief Ecosystem Officer! 7. (46:44) - Lessons for Leadership from 25 years of Experience || DEN - Dreamer, Executioner, Networker 8. (52:56) - Anand's Belief System  9. (59:40) - One Final Thought || Understanding the Opportunity 10. (61:23) - Summary That was it from the 32nd Episode of the Indian Silicon Valley Podcast - Understanding the Opportunity with Anand Anandkumar, Founder and CEO of Bugworks.
1 hr 4 min
Shunya One
Shunya One
IVM Podcasts
Ep. 118: Ajey Gore Operating Partner - Technology Sequoia Capital, India/Building Companies to IPO and Beyond
On Shunya One Podcast this week, We have Ajey Gore Operating Partner - Technology Sequoia Capital, India/Building Companies to IPO and Beyond, Ajey talks to us about how he has always been uncomfortable, how that's what led him from one thing to another and what his next steps will be. He also talks about how he started his career as a graphics designer, then did screen printing, and then moved on to selling computers, etc. Ajey also speaks to us about how, in 2014 & 2015, there were many software startups coming up in India and what it was like when so many people around knew how to write software but didn't have the skills to take it into production. Shiladitya asks Ajey about his 5 years working with Go-Jek, how that road was full of challenges and hard work, and also discuss the kind of decision-making mechanism they used for privatization, handling so many products with different teams and much more. Ajey Gore on LinkedIn & Twitter: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajeygore/ https://twitter.com/AjeyGore Tweet to hosts @shiladitya & @doshiamit for your questions or reactions to this episode. To join the Shunya One slack channel, request for an invite here: http://ivmpodcasts.com/shunyaone You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: https://ivm.today/android or iOS: https://ivm.today/ios, or any other podcast app. You can check out our website at http://www.ivmpodcasts.com/
50 min
The Indian Startup Show
The Indian Startup Show
Neil Patel
Harshdeep Singh CEO of WrapitUp on scaling to 3.5M+ users, refusing $20M acquisition & dealing with mental health issues & how he turned it around in style!
My first ever guest is back on the show! Harshdeep Singh Hura founder of WrapItUp - a text summarizer. He appeared on show back in August 2015. We talk about how his app now has 3.5M users. Why he turned down $20 million acquisition for the app. How a anthropology course on apes was a breakthrough moment. Talks why he almost quit tech, what changed and gives us his new fresh perspective on life. He gives us great insights on mobile app design, development &marketing strategies. Talks about going from idea to MVP (starts at 25.19 take notes!) and why does not want a co-founder. Talks about becoming a pastry chef. Thoughts on Clubhouse being the next big thing. And finally we take a trip down memory lane and talk about the embarrassing first ever episode of the indian startup show. in this conversation we talk about: * Starting out writing algorithms on paper & not using existing NLP algorithms * Being the most successful solo iPhone app developer in India (in my opinion!) * Taking risks in your 20’s * Reaction to friends and family on turning down $20million * Setting up Indoor Hydroponic farming space. * Entering the News Summarization space with a new line of products built around the WrapItUp algorithm, L.A.S.T. 5 [Linguistically Advanced Summarization Technique] * Is it still a good idea to build an iphone app in 2021 * Helping salesforce administration to learn to code and then getting angry feedback from Salesforce content creators * Being stressed & receiving a cold email that got his life back on track * Growing an inch since we last spoke (6ft 9 inch) * Building a remote first E-commerce agency * Why they don't do regular marketing to create brand awareness. * Hiring only fans influencers * How he settles arguments with his dad. * Why ‘luck can only take you so far!’ * Why you shouldn't change the world - but change one person’s world * Starting WrapitUp because he was too lazy to read And much more! Links http://harshdeephura.com / @kinngh on Clubhouse and Twitter / http://admin2dev.com / http://wrapitupapp.com (both available on http://harshdeephura.com) P.S if you need something to do during these challenging and difficult times and want some inspiration and need some creativity. check out Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, tech, and more. Anyone can join the millions of members in our community to learn cutting-edge skills, network with peers and discover new opportunities. Try Premium free for 2 months and access all my classes! https://www.skillshare.com/r/user/neilpatel music by Punch Deck. https://open.spotify.com/artist/7kdduxAVaFnbHJyNxl7FWV
1 hr 12 min
Play to Potential Podcast
Play to Potential Podcast
Play to Potential Podcast
642: 70.00 Bruce Feiler - The full conversation
GUEST Bruce Feiler is an American writer and television personality. He is the author of 15 books, including Council of Dads, a book that describes how he responded to a diagnosis of a rare cancer by asking a group of men to be present in the lives of his young daughters. His latest work explores the power of life stories. Drawing on interviews with Americans in all 50 states, he offers strategies for coping with life's unsettling times in his new book, Life Is In The Transitions, published in May 2020. Informed by the sifting and coding of life story interviews across America, Feiler examines what gives our lives meaning. Adam Grant called the book, one of "The 20 New Leadership Books for 2020”.  In our conversation we speak about the notion of anytime life transition, how resilience might be the wrong attribute to have during transitions, the three phases in a transition, the power of stories in navigating transitions and much more. In a world where the rate of transitions we all will go through is increasing by the day, this conversation is a goldmine of insights that could help us make sense of life and move forward with intention.  Published in Feb 2021. HOST Deepak is a Leadership Advisor and an Executive Coach. He works with leaders to improve their effectiveness and in helping them make better decisions specifically around organizational and career transitions. He currently runs Transition Insight (www.transitioninsight.com) and works with leaders to handle phases of transition thoughtfully. He has worked as an Operations Consultant with KPMG in UK, Strategy Consultant with McKinsey in the US and as a Leadership Consultant with EgonZehnder (a Swiss Leadership Advisory firm) where he helped companies recruit CEOs, CXOs and Board Members and worked on Leadership Development. Deepak is a certified CEO Coach and is an alumnus of IIT Madras, IIM Ahmedabad and London Business School. His detailed profile can be found at https://in.linkedin.com/in/djayaraman OTHER GUESTS 1.Vijay Amritraj 2.Amish Tripathi 3.Raghu Raman 4.Papa CJ 5.Kartik Hosanagar 6.Ravi Venkatesan 7.Abhijit Bhaduri 8.Viren Rasquinha 9.Prakash Iyer 10.Avnish Bajaj 11.Nandan Nilekani 12.Atul Kasbekar 13.Karthik Reddy 14.Pramath Sinha 15.Vedika Bhandarkar 16.Vinita Bali 17.Zia Mody 18.Rama Bijapurkar 19.Dheeraj Pandey 20.Anu Madgavkar 21.Vishy Anand 22. Meher Pudumjee 23.KV Shridhar (Pops) 24.Suresh Naraynan 25.Devdutt Pattanaik 26.Jay Panda 27.Amit Chandra 28.Chandramouli Venkatesan 29.Roopa Kudva 30.Vinay Sitapati 31.Neera Nundy. 32.Deepa Malik 33.Bombay Jayashri. 34.Arun Maira 35.Ambi Parameswaran 36.OP Bhaat 37.Indranil Chakraborty 38.Tarun Khanna 39. Ramachandra Guha 40. Stewart Friedman 41. Rich Fernandez 42. Falguni Nayar 43. Rajat Gupta 44. Kartik Hosanagar 45. Michael Watkins 46. Matt Dixon 47. Herminia Ibarra 48. Paddy Upton 49. Tasha Eurich 50. Alan Eagle 51. Sudhir Sitapati 52. James Clear 53. Lynda Gratton 54. Jennifer Petriglieri. 55. Matthew Walker 56. Raj Raghunathan 57. Jennifer Garvey Berger 58. BJ Fogg 59. R Gopolakrishnan 60. Sir Andrew Likierman. 61. Atul Khatri 62. Whitney Jonson 63. Venkat Krishnan 64. Marshall Goldsmith 65. Ashish Dhawan 66. Vinay Sitapati 67. Ashley Whillans 68. Tenzin Priyadarshi 69. Ramesh Srinivasan DISCLAIMER All content and opinions expressed in the podcast are that of the guests and are not necessarily the opinions of Deepak Jayaraman and Transition Insight Private Limited. Views expressed in comments to blog are the personal opinions of the author of the comment. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Company or the author of the blog. Participants are responsible for the content of their comments and all comments that are posted are in the public domain. The Company reserves the right to monitor, edit, and/or publish any submitted comments. Not all comments may be published. Any third-party comments published are third party information and The Company takes no responsibility and disclaims all liability. The Company reserves the right, but is not obligated to monitor and delete any comments or postings at any time without notice.
1 hr 22 min
Zerodha Educate
Zerodha Educate
Introduction to floating rate funds with Arvind Subramanian
With interest rates at all-time lows, these are tricky times for fixed income (debt) investors. The consensus view seems to be that we are done with the rate cut cycle and the RBI may gradually start increasing rates. Most debt fund categories have delivered handsome returns in the past 2-3 years given the series of rate cuts. But if the rates start increasing, investors will have to moderate their return expectations. Given this backdrop, a lot of people have started talking about floating rate funds and how investors can use them in a rising rate environment. But the reality is that it is not quite that simple. Coincidentally, IDFC Mutual Fund has just launched its floating rate fund. So, we caught up with Arvind Subramanian, fund manager & head of credit research at IDFC Asset Management to learn how these floating rate funds work and if how investors should think of them in a rising rate environment. In this conversation Arvind talks about: * How his journey in the markets began * The current Indian interest environment * What are floating rate funds? * How do they work * What are interest rate swaps and how are they used to create synthetic floating rate bonds * Investment universe of floating rate funds *  Role of a fund manager * How floating rates perform in rising and falling rate environments * Whether floating rate funds are a perfect hedge for rising rates * Where does a floating rate fund fit in a debt asset allocation framework? * Risks in these funds * Return expectations * His personal investing philosophy and how he invests  We also highly recommend you listen to this conversation with Suyash Choudhary of IDFC Mutual Fund on how to get your asset allocation right when investing in debt funds. This conversation perfectly compliments the conversation with Arvind on floating rate funds.  If you have any questions about floating rate funds or debt funds, do post them here.  We'd love to hear your thoughts on this conversation. Hit us up on Twitter.
47 min
AngelList India Radio
AngelList India Radio
Team AngelList India
#36 Abhimanyu Saxena (InterviewBit, Scaler)
Abhimanyu Saxena is one of the co-founders at InterviewBit and Scaler Academy. Passionate about creating something new, he started his entrepreneurial journey during his B.Tech days - co-founding ‘Daksh Home Automations Systems’ with his batch mates. Together they developed a cost-effective and green AI-based system that helped households reduce their monthly electricity consumption. The company was later sold to a reputed organisation based in Malta, although it was a paltry amount it was a huge motivator for Abhimanyu and his friends. In 2010, he joined Progress Software as a programmer and worked with them for a year and a half building scalability solutions for the research labs and the largest airlines of the world​. ​He moved to Fab.com in New York and worked with them for over three years. While working with Fab.com, Abhimanyu experienced a scarcity of skilled tech talent owing to the considerable gap that exists between the university curriculum and the skills that are required to succeed as a software engineer. This led him to join hands with his college friend - Anshuman Singh and launch InterviewBit. ​Since its launch in 2015, Abhimanyu and the team have been able to build InterviewBit into one of the most popular skilling and tech recruitment companies in the country. In 2019, they successfully launched Scaler Academy - an online career accelerator program - the next step in the evolution of InterviewBit. Abhimanyu completed his B.Tech in Computer Science from IIIT - Hyderabad.
21 min
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