AI-Powered Customer Service: Revolutionizing the Calling Experience | Alex Sambvani, Slang.AI
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Calling a business should not be a frustrating experience where you're forced to endure terrible hold music and struggle to reach a human representative. In this episode, we sit down with Alex Sambvani, CEO and Co-Founder of Slang.AI, to discuss how AI is transforming customer service. Slang.AI utilizes voice AI technology to create personalized, interactive conversations with customers, revolutionizing phone-based customer service. With a background in mechanical engineering and business, Alex has always been interested in technology and entrepreneurship. After working in finance for several years, he returned to tech and eventually landed at Spotify as a data scientist. It was there that he began working on voice technology and was inspired to start Slang AI with his co-founder, Gabe.


Throughout the podcast, Alex discusses the potential of AI in customer service and the challenges businesses face in implementing it. They also explore the frustrating experience of calling businesses and how Slang AI is working to make it easier for businesses to incorporate voice technology into their customer service strategies.


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Founder Bio:


Alex first became interested in technology when he learned to code at the age of 14 (self-taught). Since, he has spent his career hopping back and forth between engineering and business. He spent several years working in private equity investing and more recently worked as Senior Data Scientist at Spotify. Alex is passionate about applying artificial intelligence to challenging societal problems. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard.


Time Stamps:


02:17 Alex background and how It was introduced to AI

07:55 What is Slang.AI and the potential of voice technology for businesses

10:12 Transforming the experience of calling a business

13:37 Conversation flow sample for flame

15:09 Impact of Chat GPT on voice and NLP applications

19:30 AI product architecture: challenges of building an AI business

24:03 Collecting data to train AI models for a new company

28:13 Building a team with subject matter expertise for ai and machine learning

31:00 Upskilling and AI combining technical and subject matter expertise

33:10 Funding journey for Slang.AI: raising capital for a voice AI startup

40:51 Upcoming launches and fundraises for 2023

42:40 How to get in contact with the Slang.AI team



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