Empaths & Highly Sensitives Guided Meditation to Know Yourself
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The biggest problem I see empaths and highly sensitive people have is knowing themselves.

Have you had challenges knowing what is true for yourself?

Maybe you aren’t even sure who you really are or what you really want to do in your life?

The most effective way to get to know who you really are as an empath or highly sensitive person is to meditate and become more aware. 

More aware of:

·       what you are sensing

·       What emotions you are having

·       Where your energy ends and another person’s begins. 


This guided meditation done in nature where you hear the birds singing and the stream flowing will help you get in touch with your inner self so you can know yourself. 

Begin your meditation practice becoming aware of your breath because when you calm your breath you calm your mind. 

Calming your mind is how you begin to know yourself.

To experience this meditation please listen to the podcast.


Remember:  Greatness is Within You It’s Time to Shine Your Light

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