The CSS Podcast
The CSS Podcast
Nov 11, 2020
026: Houdini Series: Properties & Values
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In this episode we introduce Houdini! We start by talking about our hooks into the layout engine and CSS parser, so we can connect our custom functionality with some CSS authored by a designer or developer. These hooks are called Houdini Properties & Values.


Properties and Values Spec →

Value Definitions Spec →

Houdini @property →

Enjoy the Vue
Enjoy the Vue
The Enjoy the Vue Team
Episode 52: Making People Happy with UX Developer Jenell Pizarro
Key Points From This Episode: - Jenell’s journey into coding and how she fell into front end and UX development. - Job titles in the UI/UX space and perspectives on the difference between the two. - Diving deeper into the difference between a UX designer and a UX developer. - Challenges UX developers face at different stages of an app’s development. - How clients test apps in their beta phase and developers solve problems they find. - Perspectives on how to decide when an accessibility issue can no longer be ignored. - Struggles between accessibility ethics and the profit-focused priorities of stakeholders. - How important it is for developers to have soft skills like EQ and empathy. - The importance of making your code accessible to other developers too. - Readability issues in code such as how to write the index variable in a JavaScript loop. - Pet-peeves about best practices and language features of JavaScript. - This week’s top picks; games, TV shows, and books! Tweetables: - “That's my goal in life is to ensure that people forget that they're actually even using the application, because it becomes such a normal part of their life, that it just becomes second nature.” — @nellarro [0:01:43] - “It's a human right to be able to use the Internet. I feel as developers, we need to make sure that all humans can use the web, period.” — @nellarro [0:28:08] - “I think that's really important is making sure that your code is readable for an engineer to be able to look at your code and be like, ‘I get that. I see what's happening.’” — @nellarro [0:33:19] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: - Jenell Pizarro on LinkedIn ( - Jenell Pizarro on Twitter ( - Alex the CSS Husky ( - Chakra UI ( - Lodash ( - The Crown ( - Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity ( - Among Us ( - Against Empathy ( - N.K. Jemisin ( - Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun ( - ( - AnimeJS ( - Your Korean Dad, Nick Cho (TikTok) ( - Difficult Conversations ( - The Escapists 2 ( - Enjoy the Vue on Twitter ( - Enjoy the Vue ( Special Guest: Jenell Pizarro.
53 min
Tech Lead Journal
Tech Lead Journal
Henry Suryawirawan
#27 – Tech Entrepreneurship Venture from Israel to Vietnam - Doron Shachar
“I truly believe that what set the superstars or people who are very successful is the ability to tell to themselves to quit. Winners quit fast and quit without guilt." Doron Shachar is an Israeli entrepreneur living in Vietnam over the past 12 years and the founder & CEO of Renova Cloud, an AWS and GCP Consulting Partner in Vietnam. In this episode, we looked at the essence of Israeli entrepreneurship as we first learned about Doron’s childhood & education in Israel and how he built valuable leadership skills throughout his years in the scouts and the army. As we unpacked the Israeli’s approach of problem-solving, risk-taking and overcoming failure, Doron then shared how he ventured into Southeast Asia and ended up staying in Vietnam. We discussed how Vietnam is evolving in terms of technology trends and adoption, including how Vietnamese businesses are adopting cloud as part of their digital transformation. Doron also shared some tips on how entrepreneurs should prepare for a successful venture into Southeast Asia. Listen out for: * Career Journey - [00:05:13] * Entrepreneurship in Israel - [00:09:58] * Entrepreneurship Advice - [00:16:31] * Venturing to Vietnam - [00:19:25] * Vietnam Among Other SEA Countries - [00:27:15] * Vietnam Differentiators - [00:29:52] * Cloud Adoption in Vietnam - [00:33:23] * Advice to Succeed in Vietnam - [00:38:23] * Upcoming Trends in Vietnam - [00:41:20] * 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:45:04] _____ Doron Shachar’s Bio Doron Shachar founded Jetview Southeast Asia in 2007 to join the fast growth and development of the Vietnamese mobile and telecom market. Under his leadership, Jetview has become a recognized agency and representative for new services and innovative technologies in the emerging Vietnamese market. In 2017, he founded Renova Cloud, an AWS and Google Cloud Consulting Partner with a highly integrated team of skilled engineers, architect and DevOps, providing services towards transition of the legacy workloads to frontline technologies in Cloud, DevOps and Automation. Doron earned a chemical engineering degree from Shenkar University in Israel and an MBA from Boston University in the US. In addition to being an active volunteer for human rights & quality government in Israel, he is also a passionate runner, swimmer, and fan of rock music history. Follow Doron: * LinkedIn – * Email – * Renova Cloud – * Jetview SEA – Our Sponsor Are you looking for a new cool swag? Tech Lead Journal now offers you some swags that you can purchase online. These swags are printed on-demand based on your preference, and will be delivered safely to you all over the world where shipping is available. Check out all the cool swags by visiting Like this episode? Subscribe on your favorite podcast app and submit your feedback. Follow @techleadjournal on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Pledge your support by becoming a patron. For more info about the episode (including quotes and transcript), visit
49 min
The Angular Show
The Angular Show
E049 - RxJS Operators Episode 3: Filtering Operators
In part 3 of our series on RxJS operators, the Angular Show panelists Aaron Frost, Jennifer Wadella, and Brian Love, along with our friend Lara Newsom, take a stroll through the filtering operators. The filtering operators enable developers to filter next notifications from an Observable. The most logical filtering operator to start with is, well, you guessed it, the filter() operator. From there, we look to the operators that only emit a single next notification: first(), last(), find(), and single(). Most of these operators are fairly straight-forward, and often have an optional predicate that can be provided to determine when the operator returns a new Observable that immediately emits the next notification to the Observer, or to the next operator in the pipe. Moving onward Lara teaches us about the family of take() and skip() operators. We didn't list them out here since we are lazy and don't want to type them all out, plus, you should really just have a listen to the show and subscribe! Ok, phew, now Lara and the panelists talk about the ignoreElement() operator, which like the window() operator, has nothing to do with the DOM. Rounding the final bend in our run through the filtering operators we talk about the family of distinct() operators. And, with a sprint to the finish line, we learn about the audit(), debounce() and simple() operators for rate limiting. Speaking of rate-limiting, this is getting long. But, thankfully, this show on the filtering operators is not that long, plus, you can always expect a good time hanging out with the Angular Show. Enjoy! Show Notes: Connect with us: Lara Newsom - @LaraNerdsom Brian Love - @brian_love Jennifer Wadella - @likeOMGitsFEDAY Aaron Frost - @aaronfrost
1 hr 13 min
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