Be Prepared (Episode 42)
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SUMMARY Planning in all facets of your life allows you to thrive in uncertain times. In this episode, Chris Martenson, author of “The Crash Course,” joins Andy. Andy & Chris ... Read More
The Ultimate Entrepreneur
The Ultimate Entrepreneur
The Abraham Group
273 - Voice Encounter - Jay Interviews Harry Legg - How to Get Your Message Heard Above the Din of the Crowd
In this episode, Jay interviews Harry Legg, the voice of some of the biggest companies on the planet, like Nike, NBC Sports, and radio/TV stations worldwide. Harry shares why his voice is like a brand, and how his voice is behind the signature sounds that play a part in powerful marketing efforts. Harry reveals what has changed in the industry over time and because of COVID, and he explains why it’s more important than ever to amplify the quality of your production and choose a voice talent to emote what your potential clients identify with. You’ll learn the best tips for finding quality voiceover talent, the importance of coaching, and easy ways to sound better during production. Tune in to hear where voice talent is most needed, where people get it wrong, and what he does to help his clients — and learn why authenticity is paramount when it comes to finding the perfect voice for your brand. 00:00 – 05:30 – Harry’s background, his voice as part of a brand, who he works with, and the trends that have changed with time and because of COVID. 05:30 – 10:30 - How to find a voice and be professional, the best voiceover talents, what goes on behind the scenes, and the importance of a coach. 10:30 – 17:30 - Some fun examples, where his talent is most needed, some professional presentation tips, and what he sees people doing wrong. 17:30 – 24:00 - The work Harry has done, how people collaborate in the industry, how he offers more than just his voice, and what he does to help his clients better. 24:00 – 29:30 - On hanging out at his local radio station, bringing his voice to life, learning the skill of giving information quickly and having an internal timer, and how to grab someone. 29:30 – 37:00 - Funny and interesting radio and interview stories, why authenticity and support are critical things to expect from your voice, and collaboration.
37 min
The Passionate Few
The Passionate Few
Omar Elattar
How We Went From BROKE TO $2.5 BILLION Dollar Couple Success Story! (MUST WATCH INTERVIEW)
Want A Mask? Get 10% Discount On Abby & Bianca's Brand-New, Anti-Microbial Washable Masks Here: Acteev Protect PPE masks with the link below and use the code "PASSION" for an additional discount! Enjoy this POWERFUL interview with co-founders of the multi-million dollar company California Plastics, none other than Abhimanyu (Abby) Khanna and Bianca Desai! Abby comes from humble beginnings in India. After his parents divorced at the age of 3, Abby migrated from India with $200 to his name, sleeping in his car and working odd jobs to survive. He then went on to discovering and fine-tuning his sales skills, meeting the love of his life Bianca, and ultimately starting California Plastics, a multi-million dollar company that partnered with a $2 Billion dollar company supplying some of the highest quality PPE masks available on the market today! FUN FACT: Abby's wife, Bianca Desai is a famous Indian actress starring in several movies! California Plastics is a stocking distributor offering more than 20,000 varieties of specialty, engineering, and commodity thermoplastics from the industry’s leading manufacturers and global suppliers. During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Abby and Bianca saw a need for PPE, and that is when they began sourcing masks, face shields and sanitizers to service not only their customers in the plastics industry, but also to aid and service hospitals, schools and small businesses. FOLLOW OMAR, ABBY and BIANCA ON INSTAGRAM HERE 📺 📲OMAR’S INSTAGRAM: 📺 📲ABBY'S INSTAGRAM: 📺 📲 BIANCA'S INSTAGRAM: P.S... 🤩WANNA BE INTERVIEWED ON “THE PASSIONATE FEW”⁉️ APPLY HERE: (Options for both ZOOM or IN-PERSON packages) *Plus, the EXTRA cool news is that if you’re selected for this paid package to get an interview on the show, you will ALSO be getting a bunch of content to use for building your personal brand on social media + a consultation w/ Omar + we will be feeding 5,000 - 12,000 people IN YOUR NAME through our official partnership with w/ FEEDING AMERICA! For context, FEEDING AMERICA is the largest non-profit in the country that specializes in providing donated meals to men, women & children who are food-insecure in this country in a time where people need help more than ever! 😊Pretty cool huh? Wanna learn more? Apply now & our team will circle back w/ you within 48 hours for this win-win-win opportunity!😊 As always, live strong & live with passion! - OMAR _____ HOW TO CONNECT w/ OMAR & OUR TEAM FUTHER_____ Wanna Learn The #1 Strategy To Profitably Grow Your Personal Brand OR Business Brand In 2021? JOIN "THE PASSIONATE FEW ACADEMY" (FREE) ON-DEMAND TRAINING HERE: It’s totally free and you can sign up here to be the first to get notified now👉 ***3 Ways You Can Connect w/ Omar & The Passionate Few Academy’s Team Further *** Wanna Ask Omar Your #1 Life, Business or Branding Question? 1) TEXT ME: +1 (310) 564-8140 (or join my community w/ 1-click here:! ) Wanna Be Interviewed On The Show To Share Your Story & Business (Via ZOOM or IN-PERSON)? 2) INTERVIEW APPLICATION: (P.S. If Selected, Your Interview Package Would Help Us Feed 1 Million People In Our “1 Million Meal Challenge” Partnership w/ FEEDING AMERICA. Apply For More Info.) Wanna Get 1-On-1 Consulting To Grow Your Personal Brand or Business Brand Online? 3) CONSULTING APPLICATION: (APPLY HERE FOR CONSULTING W/ OMAR’s TEAM & YOUR CUSTOMIZED CONTENT-TO-PROFIT COACHING PROGRAM)
1 hr 30 min
Millionaire Mindcast
Millionaire Mindcast
Matt Aitchison
From Humble Immigrant Roots To Creating A Family Office Empire | Tom Hoban
In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have an impressive guest, Tom Hoban who shares value and wisdom on conquering fears, the importance of natural humility and curiosity, risk and return equation, how to handle results during quick decision-making, and his impressive family core values! Tom Hoban is Chairman and co-founder of Hoban Family Office, a platform for innovation (Coast Innovation Center), talent development, and leadership in service to the Coast Group of Companies, a diversified group of Today, The Coast Group is one of the region’s largest and most respected real estate services firms of its kind, managing more than $5B in real estate assets (multi-family, office, flex, mixed-use, self-storage, retail, industrial) with a service offering to property owners, franchisors, investors, and developers across the U.S. Despite financial challenges, and being from a family of classic American immigrants, Tom was able to finish school without debt. Together with his brother, they started their entrepreneurial career as a partner in their 20s. Through their natural leadership skills, currently, they own a property management company. Being a humble servant leader, with innate confidence, and charisma helps them succeed in business. With all the ups and downs, Tom believes that humans should be supposed to be afraid of stuff, but not supposed to be frozen by it. Therefore, people should understand how to measure risk. With natural curiosity and humility, people will get success. But then if you fail, stand up, get back to the basics, and do what you need to do. Just never forget to live with the results on whatever decision you’ve made! Some Questions I Ask: * Where did your entrepreneurial and wealth-building journey start on? (01:34) * Is confidence something that you cultivated over time or was just natural for you? Where did that come from? (04:23) * Were you guys the first-generation entrepreneurs in your family? (07:16) * How have you always processed and handled fears as it shows up in your life? (09:56) * When did you feel it was time to really start taking some big risks? How do you discern against what you put your time or money into in terms of that risk rewards scenario? (13:53) * Why did you guys decide to do the family office? What are the goals and visions? (30:49) * How do you characterize what a family office is, and what that model is? (35:55) * What do you say to people that want to build and grow their wealth, and want to pass it down to their kids? (40:24) In This Episode, You Will Learn: * Matt greatest lessons in life (09:03) * Risk and Return Equation (11:14) * A trait for early entrepreneurs to expect success (20:26) * Handling results on velocity decision-making (26:28) * Tom final thought (45:17) Quotes: * “You’ve got to have a lot to be able to succeed in business.” * “Fear is an underrated emotion.” * “Human, we’re supposed to be afraid of stuff, we’re not supposed to be frozen by it.” Connect with Tom Hoban on: Hoban Family Office LinkedIn Sapiens book by Yuval Noah Harari
53 min
Get Rich Education
Get Rich Education
Keith Weinhold
334: Is A Housing Crash Imminent?
Will a housing price crash occur when homes can be foreclosed upon again? Sean O’Toole of and I compare 2007’s housing crash with 2021’s health crisis-related recession. “Home prices never go down.” That’s what many people said in 2005! Wrong. Learn the housing differences between the last recession and the current one: lending standards, housing supply, regulatory change, construction labor force, construction supply disruptions, household formation. Sean tells why we will not have a big dump of housing supply on this market anytime soon. There will still be some delinquent homeowners after the forbearance period ends. The Biden Administration plans to work with borrowers that have federally-backed mortgage companies and provide them with repayment plans. Prediction from Sean: mortgage rates will dip below 2%. Resources mentioned: Show Notes: Mortgage Loans: New Construction Turnkey Property: Ali Boone’s Recommended Book: EQRPs: text “EQRP” in ALL CAPS to 72000 or: By texting “EQRP” to 72000 and opting in, you will receive periodic marketing messages from eQRP Co. Message & data rates may apply. Reply “STOP” to cancel. Best Financial Education: Get our free, wealth-building “Don’t Quit Your Daydream Letter”: Top Properties & Providers: Follow us on Instagram: @getricheducation Keith’s personal Instagram: @keithweinhold
41 min
Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading Tips & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders
Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading Tips & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders
Etienne Crete - Forex Trader, Blogger and Trading Coach
287: How Anyone Can Trade For A Living | Forex Trader Motivation
How Anyone Can Trade For A Living | Forex Trader Motivation In episode 287 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, you'll be hearing a compilation of advice from highly successful traders. Surrounding yourself with the right thoughts & people is crucial! My goal was to create a series that can act as the proper motivation for Forex traders to achieve their massive goals! Whether you're aspiring to achieve a Forex success story for yourself or trade-in any other market, this video will provide you the trading motivation you need! Sit back and relax...and if you're not yet subscribed to the channel, don't hesitate to do so! Forex Trader Motivation playlist >> Watch the video recording! Complete interviews used for this Forex Trader Motivation video * Brent Penfold * Steve Ward * Brad Jelinek What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast? Leave a comment below, or join me in the Facebook group! DesireToTRADE's Top Resources * DesireToTRADE Forex Trader Community (free group!) * Complete Price Action Strategy Checklist * One-Page Trading Plan (free template) * Recommended brokers: * Pepperstone (use our link to get a special bonus) * AxiTrader (use our link to get a special bonus) * Desire To TRADE Academy About The Desire To Trade Podcast * Subscribe via iTunes (take 2 seconds and leave the podcast a review!) * Subscribe via Stitcher * Subscribe via TuneIn * Subscribe via Google Play * See all podcast episodes
11 min
The Brutal Truth about B2B Sales & Selling - The show focuses on Hacking the Sales Process
The Brutal Truth about B2B Sales & Selling - The show focuses on Hacking the Sales Process
Sales - Brian Burns
Here is a FAQ Video on the Courses: - Get Your Free E-Book on How Companies make Decisions. FAQ: * 1 YEAR ACCESS, PAY MONTHLY OR ANNUALLY NOT A SUBSCRIPTION * OFFICE HOURS EVERY  OTHER WEEK VIA ZOOM. 1 HOUR GROUP Q&A. * UNLIMITED 1-ON-1’S  ARE FREE AS LONG AS THEY CAN BE SHARED IN THE COURSE. 1-ON-1 ARE * FULL ACCESS ON DAY ONE - NOTHING IS GATED OR TIME RELEASED. * ALL CONTENT IS VIDEO BASED AND SELF PACED * I RECOMMEND TAKE COURSE ONCE WITHOUT NOTES OR APPLYING IT SO YOU UNDERSTAND THE BIG PICTURE FIRST. THEN TAKE AND APPLY IT STEP BY STEP. * YOU START WHEN YOU WANT AND GO AS FAST OR SLOW AS NEEDED.   Email me additional questions:   Video Emails by Covideo =       — SAMPLE EMAIL TO EXPENSE THE COURSE MGR,   I have been listening to the brutal truth about sales podcast for X months and it speaks to the issues we face.   They currently offer a course that includes video instruction, group Q&A and One-on-One coaching. I’m committed to my own personal development and would like your help in expensing the course.   It would pay for itself if I closed only one new deal of $X value.   Please let me know by Friday if I can move forward with this 1 year course.   Thanks, ME ———————————————————————————————————— Audible 30 day Free Trial:     Check out my YouTube channel and watch my Free Sales/Social Selling Course.     Listen to The Sales Questions PodCast:     Listen to The B2B Revenue Leadership Show:     Twitter: @briangburns LinkedIn: Brian G. Burns Facebook: Brian Burns YouTube: Brian Burns SALES PODCAST
54 min
Silent Sales Machine Radio
Silent Sales Machine Radio
Jim Cockrum
#343: Expecting to do $3million on Amazon in 2021 with a small team
Here's another dad who gets to be home thanks to his ecommerce business! Today's guest has been a member of our community for some time now. He was actually a guest of the show back in 2017 which was just after I had my total loss house fire from a lightning strike (a year I'll never forget!) Since that time, Eric has steadily grown his business and enjoys a flexible lifestyle working from home with a small team. He doesn't have an office or even own any warehouse space. He "rents" some space from a local warehouse that has excess space. His net take home (after all employees and other expenses) is about 10% of total sales, and he's expecting to do about $3million in sales in 2021. Today we talk about wholesale sourcing strategies, Eric's new interest in the replens model, the PPP model (PPP is "Proven Product Partnering" - the model where you get paid to help brands get onto amazon) and even some bundling. Today's guest: Eric Borgeson Listen on YouTube: LINKS: - the comprehensive course that contains all our Amazon training modules (including wholesale, PPP, Bundles and Replens as well as several others not listed below individually as well) - our most recent Amazon bundle training - the REPLENS only module by itself - the Amazon selling model where you spend none of your own money but get paid to help other brands get onto Amazon and sell well - This course teaches how to find and what to say to the wholesale companies our coaching team. Free consult. Call us! - get smartphone alerts when we have a new episode - contact us if you have questions!
1 hr 7 min
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