The Business Brew
The Business Brew
Sep 15, 2022
Evan Tindell - Where Poker and The Market Collide
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Evan Tindell joins The Business Brew to discuss how his background as a poker player influences his investing philosophy, how he got started in the business, and he drops some knowledge about shorting. Bill reached out to Evan because Bill wanted to discuss position sizing and “Kelly betting,” which was the catalyst for this conversation.

Please pardon some construction noise in the beginning, the conversation’s quality is worth listening past some background noise.

You can follow Evan’s firm at and Evan at @evantindell on Twitter (

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Detailed Show Notes
2:00 - Evan’s Background
7:20 - Overtrading
9:30 - How poker losses help investing
11:30 - How price impacts analysis
22:50 - Evan’s start as an asset manager
26:30 - Evan looks for cognitive reasons the market is wrong
28:00 - Evan’s view on size
33:30 - A Netflix Discussion
44:45 - Bet sizing
48:20 - Position sizing and merger arb
53:00 - Incentives and money management
57:26 - How to think about Kelly betting and risk reward throughout an investment
1:02:45 - Fighting the bias to sell early
1:05:43 - Shorting high value
1:10:50 - Managing shorting
1:23:00 - Twitter whistleblower discussion and wrap up

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