Kelsey J. Patel - Micro Changes for Macro Joy!
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In this episode I’m talking to Kesley J. Patel who is a renowned reiki master, yoga instructor, author and meditation teacher specializing in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). In this profound conversation we discuss how energetic and scientific modalities for healing can coexist; burnout and how to stop undervaluing ourselves; overcoming perfectionism; how to know if physical symptoms are manifestations of trapped energy; how to create micro changes for macro joy; tips for living consciously with technology instead of letting it control us; healing from major trauma and so much more. for 10% off your first order with code BLONDE  with code BLONDE for 15% off plus free shipping worldwide to get 10% off your first 3 months with code BLONDE for 15% off any item


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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast
The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast
Lauryn Evarts & Michael Bosstick / Dear Media
Dr. Shahin Ghadir On Fertility, In Vitro, Freezing Eggs, & Conception Issues
#334: On this episode we are joined by Dr. Shahin Ghadir. Dr. Ghadir is a founding partner of Southern California Reproductive Center. Dr. Ghadir is board-certified in both Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. On today's episode we discuss fertility, In vitro fertilization, when to freeze your eggs, and conception issues. To connect with Dr. Shahin Ghadir click HERE To connect with Lauryn Evarts click HERE To connect with Michael Bosstick click HERE Read More on The Skinny Confidential HERE For Detailed Show Notes visit TSCPODCAST.COM To Call the Him & Her Hotline call: 1-833-SKINNYS (754-6697) This episode is brought to you by ARRAE Arrae was created to help women feel the best so they can be their best, through targeted products which are 100% natural, filler-free, organic, and formulated by a Naturopathic Doctor. For 10% off, go to and use code ‘tsc’ at checkout. This episode is brought to you by Sakara This year, turn your resolutions into reality. Whether you’re looking to try plant-based eating, build an empowered body, boost skin’s glow, or simply feel your very best, Sakara makes it easy to create rituals that last. Sakara is a wellness company rooted in the transformative power of plant-based food. Their menu of creative, chef-crafted breakfasts, lunches, and dinners changes weekly, so you’ll never get bored. And it’s delivered fresh, anywhere in the U.S. And right now, Sakara is offering our listeners 20% off their first order when they go to and enter code SKINNY at checkout. This episode is brought to you by Pique Tea Ever since I discovered Pique Tea, I’ve been obsessed. I now incorporate at least a cup of Pique into my daily routine and it’s really been increasing my productivity levels. Pique Teas are made from organic high quality tea leaves and ingredients sourced from around the world, delivering up to 12x more antioxidants than any ofor heavy metals, pesticides and toxic mold so you know you’re getting the best stuff. Use code “SKINNY” for 10% off They rarely (if ever) have sales so you’d definitely want to check this out! P.S. This discount does not apply to their fermented pu’er due to their limited quantity.ther tea. What’s better is that they are all Triple Toxin Screened Produced by Dear Media
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With Whit
With Whit
Dear Media, Whitney Port
Staying Home With Whit | My Sister, Jade & I Talk Beauty, Grief & Sisterhood
I come from a big family! I have three sisters and a brother. Having a big family has its pros and cons, but the biggest pro is that I have so many people to love and be best friends with. Everyone lives in LA except my littlest sister, Jadey Robbins. I miss her constantly. She made a last minute, extended trip to LA, and I, of course, had to bring her on to talk with you all! She is another fave repeat guest of mine. Isn’t she just the sweetest!? She shares all of her must-know beauty tips and products - she is a bigger junkie than I am. We go down memory lane - as best we can. Plus, we share tips for coping with grief. Love you, Jadey! This episode is brought to you by COOLA. COOLA just launched a new organic skincare collection that supports your skin’s natural barrier to help fight modern-day skin aggressors like blue light, toxins, dry air, and even your lifestyle. Use code WITHWHIT and get 10% off your first order at This episode is brought to you by Art of Tea. Art of Tea is an organic tea importer based in Los Angeles, CA on a mission to impact as many lives as possible through tea by creating healthy, delicious and sustainable tea-drinking experience. Use code WITHWHIT20 at for 20% off. This episode is brought to you by JuneShine. JuneShine Hard Kombucha is the most insanely delicious, better-for-you alcohol made with real, organic ingredients. Go to or use code WHIT for 20% off + free shipping. Discount is only valid for the variety pack. Produced by Dear Media
33 min
Almost 30
Almost 30
Lindsey Simcik
Ep. 404 - Receiving: How Productivity Keeps Us From the Life We Want
Almost 30 has gone through a lot of growth lately! We launched our membership, did a complete rebrand, and built out entirely new systems. And as that all settled, Krista’s first thought was: What’s next? But it is so, SO important that we make time and space to receive from all of the hard work that we put in. We can get so caught up in the manifesting and the goal-setting that we forget to actually enjoy the fruits of our labor. Receiving and expressing gratitude are huge parts of manifesting, and we have to be able to receive all the things we’re striving for. We talk about: The focus in our culture on productivity - and how we can get out of it How to work on your unconscious beliefs to support your ability to receive  Understanding the importance of receiving How to feel what it feels like receiving in your body Being present and paying attention to your life and why it’s important Find more to love at (! Sponsors: FLEX | Use code ALMOST30 for 20% off $15 purchase (3-month supply) ( HUM Nutrition | Receive 20% off first orders of $29+ with code ALMOST30 at ( Kin Euphorics Receive 15% off PLUS Free Shipping on your order. Go to ( or use code ALMOST30 at checkout  Imperfect Foods | 20% off PLUS free shipping at ( with offer code ALMOST30 Almost 30 is edited by (Crate Media)
50 min
Recovering From Reality
Recovering From Reality
Dear Media, Alexis Haines
Ep. 112 Unpacking Britney with Evan Haines
Today I am sitting down with my husband Evan Haines. Evan Haines is a Co-Founder of Alo House, and specializes in admissions, and marketing and business development. An active participant in the recovery world, it felt natural for Evan to transition into the sober living business, and help others obtain and maintain sobriety. In 2010, he and Jared founded Alo House, which, in less than three years, became one of the most successful sober living residences in the area. Evan has a Master’s Degree in Community Development Planning from the University of British Columbia. (Bio via   In this episode, we dissect the recent Britney Spears Documentary       This episode is brought to you by Organifi. Head to for 15% off any item in store!   This episode is brought to you by Beekeeper’s Naturals. Head to for 15% off your first order!   This episode is brought to you by Upstart. Find out how Upstart can lower your monthly payments today at   And download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play.   If you or someone you know needs addiction treatment please visit   Follow Alexis (@itsalexishaines), join our Facebook group, and follow @recoveringfromreality on Instagram to stay up to date on all things RFR! You can also enroll in Alexis’ Life Reset Course at to learn the exact, tools to recover from limiting and self- sabotaging beliefs, thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviors and replace them with new ones that will set you up for the life you deserve and are fully capable of as you integrate the learnings and tools in your life.   Produced by Dear Media
1 hr
The Balanced Blonde // Soul On Fire
The Balanced Blonde // Soul On Fire
Jordan Younger
Ep 224 ft. Lily Ashwell: Intuitive Astrology, Lyme Healing, & Our Heavenly Bodies
Lily Ashwell is an intuitive astrologer, artist, healer, and a dear friend of Jordan’s. She is a fellow Lyme warrior who has been by Jordan’s side through much of their healing journeys. She created her Heavenly Bodies intuitive astrology deck in the thick of her darkest times with Lyme disease, after walking away from her past career as a fashion designer and shop owner (many of you in Los Angeles will remember her beautiful shop in Venice). As she so eloquently describes in the episode, her deck became a vehicle to channel her purest form of self, and that emotional density is so present once you touch her beautiful card deck. Her ethereal aesthetic resonates with Jordan so deeply. We reflect on our medicinal mission to heal and the spiritual awakenings we both shared during our intense water fast retreat when we solidified our friendship. She also talks about her positive experience with Bee Venom therapy and how she’s learned to see the gifts of her chronic illness.  We love how Lily has harnessed powerful lessons from her dark night of the soul into something so poetic and beautiful. Her brave decision to leave a relationship and job no longer serving her, and throw her heart into this beautiful project is such an inspiration for those struggling to find their purpose. She’s a self-taught ‘astrology school dropout,’ but lives and breathes this energy so effortlessly — astrology is literally etched in her face! This episode will definitely pique your curiosity for the cosmos. You’ll learn so much about the significance of your Saturn Return, the moon/sun signs, and the different Houses. Her readings are spot on and I’m so excited for you all to get to know her and her brand, Heavenly Bodies, and watch her evolve in the spiritual space. To celebrate Lily’s beautiful journey, we’re offering a giveaway of her astrology deck.  To enter: Rate and review this podcast on iTunes and email me a screenshot at Follow (@lilyashwell)  + (@tbbpodcast) on Instagram Thanks to (Olipop) for sponsoring this episode. This natural fizzy pop brand has only 2-5 grams of sugar and all the nostalgic childhood flavors your heart desires. Receive 25% off + free shipping on their variety packs by going to ( )or simply use the code BLONDE at checkout. Thanks to (Kin Europhics) for sponsoring this episode. Jordan loves to sip on this amazing range of mood-boosting, non-alcoholic beverages with friends. Join the Kin club and head to ( to receive 15% off + free shipping on your next purchase. Or simply use the code, BLONDE, at checkout.  Thanks to (GoMacro) for sponsoring this episode. These are the only protein bars that Jordan eats and it’s easy to see why! It’s a family-owned company dedicated to providing raw, clean, and totally delicious snacks without harming the environment. Go to ( )and use the code, BLONDE, at checkout for 30% off + free shipping for any order over $50.  To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: ( Resources: Instagram: (@lilyashwell) Website: ( Website: ( Store: ( Instagram: (...
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