8 Ways To Conquer Depression
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Let’s face it — the world is still a mess. We wake up every day hoping that the future will be better — but because of these overwhelming changes happening around us, it's so easy to fall into that trap of depression.

Today, I'm giving you eight tips on how to conquer depression. Even with the limits we’re experiencing with COVID, there is still so much that you can do to channel that happiness and positivity.

✨ Write down your feelings or record them in your phone’s voice notes.

✨ Close your eyes throughout the day intermittently — and take a deep breath.

✨ Stop numbing yourself by filling the emptiness with your phone.

✨ Stop hanging out with people that make you feel bad.

✨ Remove yourself from situations that are making you feel bad.

✨ Make time for yourself.

✨ Challenge yourself and do the things that scare you.

✨ It's okay to admit you don't love something you are supposed to love. Many of us suffer from depression every day, and it’s important to do everything we can to pull ourselves out of that situation. Feel free to share these tips to anyone you know.

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