The Balanced Life
02: Jasmine Star: Boundaries, Managing Expectations and Finding Freedom Through Structure
Jun 5, 2019 · 1 hr 5 min
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We’ve all reached the end of a day without feeling like we’ve reached all of our goals. Sometimes it simply feels like we don’t have enough time to do everything we need to - that’s why Jasmine utilizes the art of time stamping. 

Jasmine Star is a blogger, business strategist and the founder of Social Curator. Jasmine’s life is filled to the brim with tasks and activities, but she’s found a system that has increased her productivity and supports the lifestyle she wants. To learn more about how Jasmine maintains her schedule and mindfully indulges join Robin Long in this episode of The Balanced Life. 


Show Highlights: 

  • Having a partnership with your spouse and balancing each other out 
  • What Jasmine does now and how she created her business 
  • How JD transitioned into working with Jasmine and the challenges shifting from a couple to business partners 
  • Setting roles in place to solidify mutual expectations 
  • The pressure that women feel to uphold cultural ideals 
  • Protecting what is shared online and setting boundaries 
  • Establishing priorities and letting go of things that don’t align 
  • How friendships are impacted and integrated into Jasmine’s schedule 
  • The importance of planning and turning plans into actionable steps 
  • The structure of Jasmine’s schedule 
  • How to time stamp days and be as productive as possible 
  • Creating realistic expectations and eliminating guilt 
  • Mapping out daily goals 
  • Jasmine’s health journey and fitness routine 
  • The biggest changes Jasmine saw in her life after she started her fitness journey 
  • The challenges of making lifestyle shifts with a partner 
  • Rapid-fire session of Jasmine’s favorites 
  • Having grace over guilt with realistic expectations 




Contact Jasmine:

Instagram: @Jasminestar 

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