The Balanced Life
04: Sandra Chuma: Morning Routines, Asking for Help, and Letting Go of Rigid Food Labels
Jun 19, 2019 · 55 min
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In a world where we can pick up our phones and look at what everyone else is doing right, it’s hard not to compare yourself to others, especially as a woman of color!

Today’s guest, Sandra Chuma, has built a platform that highlights and celebrates the successes of women of color in a way that no other media platform does. In today’s interview, she shares her journey with creating NDINI, navigating insecurity and inadequacy, and overcoming the challenges of having an emotional connection to food. Sandra shares what it really looks like to sacrifice and prioritize yourself throughout the chaos of every day life. Join Sandra and your host, Robin Long, in this raw and intimate conversation. 

Listen all the way to the end of the show for Sandra’s Rapid Fire Session!

Show Highlights: 

  • What motivated Sandra to start NDINI and how she launched her platform 
  • Stripping yourself of labels to find your purpose 
  • Making a pivotal shift in life and the importance of support from your family 
  • Identifying your top priorities and aligning them with self-care 
  • Establishing a morning routine 
  • Letting go of things that don’t contribute to what you need 
  • Learning to asking for help and letting go of perfectionism 
  • Creating a “do not do” list in order to accomplish your priorities 
  • Investing in services that relieve your mental load 
  • Navigating the pressure of trying to meet societal and cultural expectations 
  • Integrating exercise and balancing healthy eating habits 
  • Practices to be more mindful of eating a balanced diet 



Contact Sandra:

Social Media: @Ndinimedia 

Instagram: @Sandra_Chuma 

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