The Balanced Life
05: Danielle Walker: Autoimmune Disease, Challenges of Childcare and the Healing Power of Food
Jun 26, 2019 · 54 min
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Going against the grain can be uncomfortable, especially when it comes to food. Today’s guest, Danielle Walker, is a gluten-free chef, 3 time New York Times bestselling cookbook author, and blogger.

Danielle started her grain free journey in 2007 when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and was forced to make a major lifestyle and diet shifts. She has found a way to live functionally and comfortably with her disease, all while juggling being a mom, and sharing her healing tips with the world. 

In this interview, Danielle shares how she makes it all work by investing in reliable childcare, prioritizing her self-care, and utilizing her planner. Join Robin Long in this interview to learn more about how Danielle lives her balanced life. 


Show Highlights: 

  • How Danielle’s diagnosis shifted her diet and daily life 
  • Using yoga and physical activity to treat autoimmune disease 
  • Experimenting with food to improve autoimmune disease 
  • Establishing priorities and utilizing a planner 
  • The benefits and challenges of working from home 
  • Shifting to a more sustainable child care arrangement 
  • Letting go of guilt and insecurities 
  • Tips for grocery shopping and meal planning 
  • What exercise looks like in Danielle’s life and how she fits it in her schedule 
  • Focal points for self-care and being in tune with personal needs 
  • Turning down the noise of people around you 




Contact Danielle:

Instagram: @daniellewalker

Danielle's Book - Eat What You Love

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