Transgender Experiences in Astrology
Play • 3 hr 38 min
In episode 279 astrologer Michael J. Morris joins the show to talk about using astrology within the context of the lives of transgender people. We spend the first part of the episode talking about some basic things that astrologers should know in terms of cultural competence in order to work well in consultations with transgender […]
Intuitive Astrology  with Molly McCord
Intuitive Astrology with Molly McCord
Conscious Cool Chic Radio
Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of January 13 to 20
What a week! We have a lot of dynamic Uranus energies and continue the strong Pluto transformations, making for a period of time where intense events can happen quickly. The world is changing in big ways with these astrology energies, so it is very important to take care of yourself – emotionally, physically, mentally – to navigate the changes and to remain grounded in yourself. The Sun is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 24 degrees on January 14, the same day Uranus stations direct a 6 degrees Taurus, meaning all planets are now direct. Developments can be shocking, surprising, unexpected, and chaotic. The Sun enters Aquarius on January 19, and the focus on Aquarius energies in your chart intensifies with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn all in this sign. Much more to share in this week’s podcast.   2021 Soul Growth Astrology Webinars ~ The major astrology of 2021 in 6 individual webinars and how it will show up in your natal chart, including the 3 Mercury retrograde periods of the year. Check it out:   Sign up for weekly intuitive astrology updates and learn more about your astrology chart here:   Discover more about Molly's 12 bestselling books, spiritual teachings, consciousness topics, and more:   Business development support and resources for healers, spiritual experts, authors, guides, and solopreneurs:
37 min
So You Think You're Intuitive Podcast
So You Think You're Intuitive Podcast
Natalie Miles
Episode 119: Everyday Intuition: Tapping Into Your Intuition At Work
Welcome to this Everyday Intuition episode! Have you ever felt called to use your intuition at work? This week Natalie talks with Kerri, who is a human resources professional, about how to tap into your intuition when you’re in a corporate setting. For some, the workplace can be a space to express your logical side but that doesn’t mean it has to be void of your intuition. There are so many ways you can start to shift the culture of a professional setting to leave room for your authentic self and use your intuition. In this episode, Kerri and Natalie discuss: * Learning that creating a culture that fosters intuition starts not just from leadership but every role in an office environment. * Trusting the path you are on to make micro-intuitive decisions every day at work that affect the space around you in a positive way. * Breaking free of societal constructs that push back on allowing your authentic self to grow in a corporate setting. Ways to Connect with Kerri: * Follow Kerri on Instagram Podcast Music: “Follow You” by Daniel Gong (Dansonn) Resources Mentioned: * Sign up for a Sacred Guidance Circle HERE * January “Your Voice” Guided Meditation Access for the Episode * Listen to the 2021 OVERVIEW ENERGY FORECAST: YOUR TRUTH here * Listen to the JANUARY 2021 ENERGY FORECAST: YOUR VOICE here * Join the INTUITIVE community. SIGN UP HERE. We also have a brand new workshop "The Doorway" launching in Jan 2021. This workshop will offer channeled insight and guidance across different themes. It’s designed for you to listen to these messages to act as a doorway opening to receive your own intuitive messages across different areas of your life. SIGN UP HERE. Podcast Sponsor: * Better Help: Get 10% off your first month of therapy- Visit Ways to connect with NATALIE * Visit - for all her offerings and services. * Visit - for everything about her debut book * Discover more about the INTUITIVE community - * Instagram - Follow Natalie * Sign up for the newsletter to receive VIP discounts, offerings, and Spirit musings that aren’t shared anywhere else. * Take the Free How Do You Receive Your Intuitive Guidance Quiz to discover your gifts. Send Natalie a Spiritual/Intuitive Question as a voice memo to be answered on the podcast (no personal questions will be answered). All content and written show notes: Copyright Natalie Miles 2021
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The Plant Path
The Plant Path
with Sajah & Whitney Popham, founders of The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Herbalist, Spagyricist, Medical Astrologer
Developing Your Herbal Competence and Confidence
As we walk the plant path, there eventually comes a time when we come up against certain blocks that prevent us from reaching that next level in our practice of herbalism. While it's critical that we learn the external skills, strategies, principles and practices to become an herbalist, there is also an internal component to our work as an herbalist that is essential to address. In order to be the greatest herbalist possible, in order to reach the next level in our work with plant medicines, there is a necessity to cultivate a new level of confidence and competence in our work- that is, attending to our inner and outer development. In this video, I share with you 3 critical ways you can develop both your herbal competence and inner confidence that help you to move beyond any blockages you might be facing towards being of service to your family, community and clients in deeper ways. ———————————— CONNECT WITH SAJAH AND WHITNEY ———————————— To get free in depth mini-courses and videos, visit our blog at: Get daily inspiration and plant wisdom on our Facebook and Instagram channels: Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: ———————————— ABOUT SAJAH ———————————— Sajah Popham is the author of Evolutionary Herbalism and the founder of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, where he trains herbalists in a holistic system of plant medicine that encompasses clinical western herbalism, medical astrology, Ayurveda, and spagyric alchemy. His mission is to develop a comprehensive approach that balances the science and spirituality of plant medicine, focusing on using plants to heal and rejuvenate the body, clarify the mind, open the heart, and support the development of the soul. Sajah’s approach honors and acknowledges the chemical, energetic, and spiritual properties of plants for a holistic model that uses the whole herb to heal the whole person. He lives on a homestead in the foothills of Mt. Baker Washington with his wife Whitney where he teaches, consults clients, and prepares spagyric herbal medicines. ———————————— ABOUT THE PLANT PATH ———————————— The Plant Path provides unique perspectives for the modern practitioner of herbalism that doesn’t just want to “fix what’s broken” in the body, but seeks to serve others with deeper levels of healing and transformation with herbal medicines. A unique synergy of clinical herbalism, alchemy, medical astrology, and herbal traditions from around the world, The Plant Path focuses on giving you a truly “wholistic” perspective on herbal medicine so you never fall into the trap of allopathic herbalism. ———————————— WANT TO FEATURE US ON YOUR PODCAST? ———————————— If you’d like to interview Sajah or Whitney to be on your podcast, click here to fill out an interview request form.
24 min
Embodied Astrology with Renee Sills
Embodied Astrology with Renee Sills
Renee Sills
The Power of Your Inner Voice - In Conversation with Holland Andrews
Who are the voices inside your head? What are they saying? What are you listening for? What would the voice who has always loved you, say to you now? Our internal voices are varied and powerful. And, so much of the time, they are extremely critical! In this episode, Holland Andrews and I talk about the ways they’ve worked to cultivate a loving inner voice and their self-healing practices. We discuss healing from traumatic childhoods, working with our shadow selves and inner critics and get into the intersections of Holland’s practices as a performer, channel and healing conduit. PART 1: This episode opens with Holland’s facilitation of a listening practice for cultivating a loving inner voice. PART 2: Our conversation! We talk Scorpio shit, shadow selves, inner voices, traumatic childhoods, and our embodied healing practices. PART 3: Holland facilitates a toning/vibration practice for deep inner touch. Learn more about Holland and their work at, follow them on Instagram @holland.andrews , and find some of their tracks at You can find the complete drone from the background of this episode’s meditations here: Holland Andrews is an American vocalist, composer, and performance artist whose work is based on emotionality in its many forms. In their composition work, Andrews focuses on the abstraction of operatic and extended-technique voice to build soundscapes encompassing both catharsis and dissonance. Frequently highlighting themes surrounding vulnerability and healing, Andrews arranges music with voice and clarinet, harnessing the innate qualities of these instruments’ power and elegance to serve as a vessel for these themes. As a vocalist, their influences stem from a dynamic range of music stylings including contemporary opera, musical theater, and jazz, as well as ambient and noise music. Andrews has performed solo music under the stage name Like a Villain. In addition to creating solo work, Andrews develops and performs the soundscapes for dance, theater, and film, and whose work is still toured nationally and internationally.  --- Send in a voice message:
1 hr 17 min
That Witch Life
That Witch Life
That Witch Life
Episode 67: Magickal Thought Forms With Phoenix Coffin-Williams
A special thanks to our sponsors! See below for listener specials. What is a thought form? Why are they helpful in Magick? Witch and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Phoenix Coffin-Williams helps us explore these questions as well as different planes of existence, how thoughts become reality, and when a thought form has reached its expiration date. Kanani shares her experience with living with a thought form. Courtney shares New Moon Magick for January. Digressions include corset adventures and an awful premonition come true. A listener's father was diagnosed with cancer. Is there a way to help promote his healing from a distance? On Patreon--Phoenix shares his advice developing a thought-form practice. Show notes and audio transcript: Support the show: * Get 10% off at for AMAZING, Magickally-infused olive oils and other food products, or Dawn Hunt’s new cookbook, ‘A Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Love and Romance.’ Enter WITCHLIFE2021 at checkout.* Be your best, sparkliest version of yourself in 2021 with some custom tattoo work, killer jewelry, or a new piercing at the woman-owned Adorn Body Art, with three locations to serve you in the Portland, OR area…or shop online at Tell them you heard their ad on That Witch Life!* Looking to enchant your house with plants? Check out Arcane Botanica! IG: @arcanebotanica
1 hr 19 min
Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack
Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack
Lindsay Mack, founder of Wild Soul Healing
148. Deepening Tarot Connections: The Hierophant, The Lovers, and The Chariot
On today’s episode of Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast, we continue our exploration of how certain Tarot cards work together with The Hierophant, The Lovers, and The Chariot. These three cards invite us to come back home to ourselves, to reclaim our power, autonomy, self love — everything we have a tendency to give away to others. Who are we following, worshipping, or paying attention to? What are we giving away to others that is actually ours to cherish, hold, and celebrate? How would our life change, evolve, or transform if we began to reclaim these birthrights? In today’s episode, we will explore how The Hierophant is showing up as a teacher and anchor for us in these times, as well as how we can begin to lean into these three archetypes as a unit, and call back to ourselves what we’ve lost or given away. Transcript for this episode is coming soon! LINKS Earth’s Rotation Speeding Up: Sign up for my newsletter: My sweet friend Alia Walson has launched an amazing new course offering! Check it out here: ABOUT THE PODCAST Welcome to Tarot for the Wild Soul, a Tarot podcast for soul centered evolution, hosted by Lindsay Mack. Tarot for the Wild Soul explores the Tarot through an inclusive, trauma informed perspective, rooted in compassion, common sense, and critical thinking. Through a weaving of intuitively channeled downloads, answers to listener questions, and lessons around the cards, Tarot for the Wild Soul explores the Tarot as helpful, applicable medicine that can provide nourishment and clarity to us in our day to day lives. ABOUT LINDSAY Lindsay Mack is a queer intuitive Tarot teacher, writer, and the host of the Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast. Lindsay is the creator of Soul Tarot, a reinterpretation and intentional utilization of the Tarot as a healing tool, one that can assist us in differentiating the noise of our brain from the truth of our soul. Soul Tarot is a fusion of Lindsay’s 24 years of experience reading and studying Tarot, her work with her mentor, her own healing journey through complex PTSD/chronic illness, and channeled wisdom from her Guides. Through her regularly sold out workshops, retreats and online Tarot courses, Lindsay has had the profound honor of teaching Soul Tarot to thousands of people from all around the world. As a joyful and healthy survivor of childhood abuse, trauma & PTSD, Lindsay is passionately dedicated to honoring and helping to bring space, light and healing to those who are experiencing mental, emotional or physical suffering. It was the healing from a breakdown in 2014 that fully birthed her into this sacred work and onto her soul path. It is an organic part of her healing work with the Tarot, and she is honored to be sharing these offerings to those who feel called to them. WEBSITE: PODCAST EDITOR: Chase Voorhees PODCAST ART: Chelsea Iris Granger
1 hr 5 min
Your Own Magic
Your Own Magic
Raquelle Mantra
recollect ✨becoming receptive to divine guidance
This episode is a sliver of episode 133 from 2019: "Hello, from Ubud, Bali. I intended on this episode being a Solo Q+A as many questions came through via Insta Story, yet it seems the Universe divinely orchestrated this solo to be focused on one of the spiritual topics I’ve dedicated my life to. Deepening the understandings of the Universe, who are guides really are, + how to deepen the connection. This episode was inspired by @themoonchildmindset, who submitted the first Q asking how I knew I was connected with my guides + more on my journey." *CONNECT WITH RAQUELLE* ig @ raquellemantra ( ) Spotify shakti playlist ( ) (mentioned in episode) fb page / yourownmagic ( ) fb group your own magic ( ) new tiktok @ raquellemantra ( ) new clubhouse @raquelleross *LISTEN TO FULL EPISODE* Becoming Receptive to Divine Guidance, Ego + Inner Voice, + Perspectives on Spirit Guides + Angels (From Skeptics to Channeled Material like the Law of One) *ep. 133 - 11/18/2019* apple ( ) spotify ( ) castbox ( ) *JOIN THE SOUL TRIBE* ( ) Membership site with guided meditations, journaling prompts, + more spiritual tools Secret Facebook Group ( ) *SPONSORING THIS EPISODE* *THANK YOU TO YOM SPONSORS* *Thrive Causemetics* 15% off + free box during the holidays ** ( ) Clean, Toxic-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free CAUSEmetic company with high-performance make-up and skincare products. Thrive Causemetics is an independent, woman-founded, and owned beauty brand. For every purchase, they donate much-needed products and funds to nonprofit partners nationwide who are helping women facing significant challenges to thrive again. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
29 min
Angels and Awakening
Angels and Awakening
Julie Jancius: Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Reiki Healer, Psychic Medium, Teacher (God, Intuition, Manifest, Soul, Higher + Highest Self, Spirit Guides, Grief, Consciousness, Life After Death)
Seeing and Feeling Your Guardian Angel
Did you know that everyone has a guardian Angel? Some people are even fortunate enough to see theirs. Our guest today, Emily, is one of those people. Today Emily shares a story of the evening her and her husband were in a motorcycle accident. Luckily they walked away from the accident, and Emily tells how she knew they survived because her guardian Angel was there. Emily also describes how she sees her Angel, and I share how I best understand the language of Angels. There are ways that you can tap into communicating with your guardian Angel! Do YOU have an Angel story? Email it to A Year With Your Angels: For years, Spirit has been helping me develop a program that walks you through your spiritual healing and I’m so excited for you to begin! There are so many topics to move thought: holding a high vibration and the energy of oneness; trusting your intuition; working with you Spirit Team; better understanding your soul's purpose; learning to perform self energy healing and clear your chakras; rewiring and retraining your mind to co-create the life you want; working with the inner child; and the sacred art of communicating with your angel so they can better direct you in your life. Angel Membership allows your Angels and Spirit Team to walk you through each part step-by-step. Your Spirit Team says that you’ve read all the books, you've listened to all the podcasts, you’ve been seeking for so long — this is the year you put it all together and use the beautiful energetic gifts and resources God gave you to make your life more joyous and full of ease. This is the year your give yourself more grace, and you allow yourself to speak out loud what your soul truly wants to accomplish in this lifetime. This is the year you stop pushing, and you allow yourself to surrender to the flow of creation — the will of the divine. Sign up HERE:
17 min
Medicine Stories
Medicine Stories
Amber Magnolia Hill
74. Womb Sovereignty, the Dark Feminine, and Mythopoetic Pregnancy Release - Samantha Zipporah
Your ancestors are with you every time the portal of the womb opens; our blood connects us to our lineage, to the mythic archetypes that hold meaning for us, and to our deepest inner selves. Whatever sort of womb release you experience, it lies on a continuum of commonality with all releases. Let us explore these interconnections so that we can be deeply rooted in our own bodies. TOPICS: * How Samantha got into this work * The womb as a source of pleasure and power, instead of pain * There is cellular alchemy no matter how a pregnancy ends (birth, miscarriage, abortion) and commonalities between all the different kinds of pregnancy release * Abortion is a nexus of sex and death and birth * The Dark Goddess and the Underworld Journey- seeing the release of a pregnancy through a mythic lens * Modern medicine is an industry, not a healing modality * The psychospiritual process of menstruation: when the cervix is open we can more easily access other states of consciousness * The Sacred Yes- what we are saying yes to when we say no to a pregnancy * Honoring death as a healing need in our culture * Function and access to Misoprostol * Understanding the two categories of abortion: mechanical and chemical * Demystifying the idea of a "natural abortion" * Herbs: emmenagogues and abortifacients  * Sitting at the feet of the plant elders * Systems of false authority, persecution, and the witch wound * How shame and secrecy around abortion can prolong bleeding * Conscious contraception * Giving yourself a 40 day postpartum healing period after any pregnancy release LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support embedded links, find these at _ * _Samantha’s website_ * _Medicine Stories Patreon_ (podcast bonuses!) * _Medicine Stories Episode #73_ * _Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess_ by Demetra George * _Herbal Healing for Women_ by Rosemary Gladstar * _Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom_ by Dr. Christiane Northup * The _Womb Sovereignty Song_ performance (can also find on Soundcloud) * _Self-Managed Abortion, the Law, and CODIV-19 Fact Sheet_ * The _Self-Managed Abortion podcast_ * _Red School_ * _Guttmacher Institute Stats on Induced Abortion in the United States_ * _BBC reporting on abortion rates_ * _Wild Power_ _by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer_ * _PlanCPills.org_ * _If/When/How_ * _Women on Waves_ _film_ * _Women on Web_ * _A New View of a Woman's Body_ _by Carol Downer_ * _Samantha Zipporah's Patreon_ * Take our fun _Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine?_ Quiz * My website _MythicMedicine.love_  * Medicine Stories _Facebook group_ * Mythic Medicine on _Instagram_ * Music by _Mariee Sioux_ (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)
1 hr 26 min
Impact the World with Lee Harris
Impact the World with Lee Harris
Lee Harris
Episode 57: Dr. Nicole Le Pera
Dr. Nicole LePera who is well known as 'the holistic psychologist' and for teaching people to heal and consciously create a new version of themselves is our special guest. She was trained in clinical psychology at Cornell University and the New School for Social Research and studied at the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. As a holistic psychologist, Nicole addresses the connection between the mind, body and soul as well as incorporating overall lifestyle and psychological wellness practices. She is the creator of the #SelfHealers movement where people from around the world are joining together in community to take healing into their own hands. Her first book, How to Do the Work, is currently in pre-order with a release date of March 2021.  This dynamic conversation with Lee and Nicole speaks to topics that include: speaking a new truth, the union of the mind with our connection to intuition, and the embodiment of more presence as our own healers. Nicole shares more about how she got started and what moved her to take a more holistic approach, and how she draws from the experience of standing in her own human authenticity. Filmed in 2020, they talk more about the lessons and learning the year brought as well as what the process was like writing her first book. To learn more about her work (and free Future Self Journal): ( IG: ( To pre-order her book US: ( To pre-order her book UK: ( Join Lee for his annual online workshop, REBIRTH 2021, beginning January 19, 2021. In 6 days of live teaching (delivered over 10 days), Lee will guide you along the path to releasing 2020 and welcoming the very different energy of 2021. The experience includes: an exclusive channeled recording, wisdom from Lee's guides, The Z's, Qigong with Steven Washington, a live Q&A with Lee, access to discussion boards, transcripts of every session and special bonus content. To learn more and to register visit: (
1 hr
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