Ep.75 | Why Bitcoin is Bigger than Bling with Justin Rhedrick
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The Conversation:  Gaining More Control of Your Money 


In our last episode, we talked about different ways to gain control of your money, from stocks to forex and more. In this episode, we’re going to add another tool to your money freedom toolkit, Bitcoin. 


Whether you love Bitcoin, are confused by it, or hate it, this digital money has changed lives. 


One of those lives is Justin Rhedrick. 


Justin Rhedrick aka “Bitcoin Vegan” was a man who was tired of being trapped. He spent two years in college, only to learn that he would be graduating through the recession. He served his time in prison, only to find minimum-wage level jobs available. He started his own business, but felt trapped by the high amount of work he had to put in just to keep it alive. 


Then he found Bitcoin, and his life changed. 


Justin found something that he could understand, something that would not only build income for him but also for generations to come. 


Tune into to learn how Justin made that transition from someone who felt trapped to someone who is running his own life through the power of Bitcoin. 


Topics We Cover 

  • Why it’s important to let go of anger toward your parents  
  • Generational habits and curses 
  • How to change your mindset after a bad decision 
  • How to get out of the “hustle” mentality into an entrepreneur;s mindset 
  • When to let go of a business 
  • Knowing how to pivot a business 
  • Why Justin loves Bitcoin 
  • What is inflation? 
  • Generational wealth 
  • How do I get involved in Bitcoin if I don’t have a lot of money? 
  • How to learn money 


3 Important Things to Remember 

Our habits affect generations The things we do and the things we believe affect not just us 


Understand money Money is a tool to get what you need or want. The more you learn about money, the better you can use it as a tool 


Money does not define you, but how you use it does  Every dollar (or Bitcoin) you use is a decision 

The Homework: 3 Personal Questions About Money 

  1. Define money 
  1. Using your definition of money, now imagine that you had enough to make you happy. What amount would that be? 
  1. Imagine that you were told that the money you have will be worth less in the future, would you save it, invest it, or spend it? What do you think that says about you? 


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About Our Guest 

Justin Rhedrick aka “Bitcoin Vegan” turned his financial life and health around 3 years in prison and 2 years in college to become an entrepreneur, coach, investor, and educator 



Bitcoin Vegan on Twitter (Secret Code: “Adverse Bitcoin”) 


Bitcoin Vegan on LinkedIn (Secret Code: “Adverse Bitcoin”) 


Bitcoin Vegan Resources 


Additional Info 


What is Bitcoin 


What is inflation? 


The First Step To Passing On Wealth: Deciding What's Important To You 


Check out kennethcheadle.com for more information, podcast episodes and blog posts! 



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