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TurnKey Podcast
Apr 20, 2022
075 Switch Hitting, Benefits from Both Sides of the Microphone
Play • 1 hr 29 min

Panelists include:

Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner www.TurnkeyPodcast.com

Jeff Gibbard https://shareable.fm/  (Podcast host, network expert)

Tom Schwab https://interviewvalet.com/ (Guest Placement expert)

Todd Armstrong https://tarmstrong.agency/ (Guest Placement expert)

Andrew Allemann http://podcastguests.com/ (Guest Placement expert)


Reach out to our guests directly for more information or if you have a podcast and need guests Tom, Todd and Andrew are amazing at what they do.

Topics for today’s episode:

For those looking to GUEST more frequently and effectively

  • What type of show they should think about being on
  • How to pitch a show
  • How to show up prepared
  • What happens after the interview
  • What type of expectations they should have

For those looking to host more profitably and produce greater results

  • Best way to spotlight a guest
  • How to set up a great interview
  • How to determine who is a good fit for their guest seat
  • What are some best practices before, during and after the interview.
  • How to find and land an influencer for their podcast


For those in our Podcasting community: If you are working on Monetizing and can’t quite figure out the formula, Check out “From Guest to Gold” a FREE course that we are giving away to those in our community. Guest to Gold is an easy  to follow 7-module mini course on my favorite subject: monetization. Most podcasters fail to utilize the full potential of their podcast. In this mini-course I walk you to the concepts and strategies that have been worth millions of dollars for this podcast and the podcasts of our clients.


TurnKey Podcast Productions Important Links:


Connect with Doug Sandler:

Twitter: djdoug  

Facebook: dj.doug.sandler  

Website: turnkeypodcast.com/  

Email: doug@turnkeypodcast.com

Phone: (410) 340-6861 

Instagram: turnkeypodcast/

LinkedIn: doug-sandler-1a346649/


Interested in Podcasting? Learn 5 ways that you can profit from your own show at TurnkeyPodcast.com/money 


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