Kaitlyn Schiess author of The Liturgy of Politics on The Reconciliation Conversation Episode 17 11 2 2020 with co-hosts Derrick DeLain & Jason Dukes
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The Reconciliation Conversation
Derrick DeLain & Jason Dukes
INTERVIEW with Kaitlyn Schiess
Episode 17 | November 2nd, 2020

INTRO | Derrick DeLain

BIO info for Kaitlyn Schiess
Military brat. Sort-of PK. Liberty U grad with focus on Political Science, Debate Team, and History. Dallas Theological ThM student. Young Adult Women’s Ministry Team with Grace Bible Church Dallas, TX. Connector of theology and spiritual formation and culture-shaping and politics. Author of The Liturgy of Politics: Spiritual Formation for the Sake of Our Neighbor.

QUESTION 1 | Derrick DeLain
Liberty University and partisan politics — THIS IS NOT A FORMER PRESIDENT QUESTION. Rather, can you talk about how your experiences there have shaped your passion for politics now?

QUESTION 2a | Jason Dukes
Continuing in that vein, help our listeners understand the present political reality as you see it. What is really the issue? Why are we such an un-United States?

QUESTION 2B | Jason Dukes
Can you talk about how the American Church’s politics are shaped by our habits and practices, of which we’re often unaware? And please give an example of how this culture-shaping reality has hurt the church as well as an example of how it could help the church.

QUESTION 3a | Derrick DeLain
You assert that there’s a hunger among your peers for better and more theologically-informed thinking about politics, AND that the Christian tradition has rich theological resources for this kind of thinking. Talk about the kind of renaissance you’re seeing in spiritual formation among young church leaders.

QUESTION 3b | Derrick DeLain
Can you explain to our listeners this Liturgy of Politics — the connection between our political work, our corporate worship, and our spiritual disciplines?

QUESTION 4 | Jason Dukes
As we wrap — you insist that the way out of our political morass is first to recognize the formative power of the political forces all around us, and then to engage in ancient yet new ways. What’s a warning you would give to our listeners if the present reality does not change, if we don’t recover historic Christian practices that shape us according to the truth of the gospel?

OUTRO | Derrick DeLain

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:: @KaitlynSchiess
:: wrote The Liturgy of Politics: Spiritual Formation for the Sake of Our Neighbor
:: buy her book at https://www.ivpress.com/the-liturgy-of-politics
:: https://kaitlynschiess.com

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