The Reconciliation Conversation Episode 10 Derrick DeLain & Jason Dukes with guest Justin Giboney President of AND Campaign Co-Author Compassion & Conviction Co-Host Church Politics Podcast
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The Reconciliation Conversation
Episode 10
with special guest Justin Giboney

INTRO | Derrick DeLain

BIO for Justin Giboney
Christian. Husband. Father. Attorney. Political Strategist. Co-Founder of The AND Campaign. Co-Author of Compassion and Conviction. Co-Host of The Church & Politics Podcast.

QUESTION 1A | Derrick DeLain
In America right now, we are divided. We are polarized. We are either/or. There is not much “AND.” What sub-cultures of America have to desire change in order for the culture at large to move toward reconciliation and unity together?

QUESTION 1B | Derrick DeLain
What about the “sub-culture” within each of us — what about the change needed in each of us?

QUESTION 2A | Jason Dukes
Let’s talk about politics. Isn’t the political party system as we currently know it broken? What is the future, in your opinion, when it comes to politics and parties? And what are the ruts we are stuck in that might need to be challenged?

QUESTION 2B | Jason Dukes
Would you ever run for office?

QUESTION 3A | Derrick DeLain
What is the AND Campaign and why is it needed?

QUESTION 3B | Derrick DeLain
We recommend and reviewed your book! Give the premise of Compassion and Conviction? Why did you write it — what do you hope people do as a result of reading it?

QUESTION 4 | Jason Dukes
What are one or two simple suggestions you’d offer individuals listening who want to take a new step or a next step toward reconciliation and healing and oneness in our country?

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