57. How to Communicate & Be Heard
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In this episode, Amber and I are both in lockdown in our homes (once again) which means we could unfortunately not record this episode in person but we still managed to get into a cracker conversation about leadership, communication, and personal development. 

Amber Daines is one of Australia’s most agile communications professionals. She is known for her ability to devise and implement successful strategies across all forms of external and internal communications. She helps leaders improve their ability to advocate for their business to their employees and the outside world through speaking and writing. By understanding how important communication is to success, she pushes leaders to understand that listening is the first step in being heard. So often leaders are in the position of simply telling people what to do without sharing the philosophy behind it. Amber shares that a leader’s philosophy (and the proper communication of that philosophy) is the thing that really gets the buy-in from his/her team. Without buy-in, unfortunately, a leader will struggle to gain trust which will, in turn, ensure a full effort from team members when working to achieve a goal. 

Amber helps us understand the best way to go about getting ourselves heard through better communication. 

Discussion Points

  • Why is communication so important when you are a leader
  • Remember who your audience is and remain consistent
  • How leaders can get comfortable with who they are?
  • The impact of a leader with poor communication skills
  • The importance of vulnerability in a leader
  • The media its influence on vulnerability in leaders
  • Online vs offline communication
  • Social media in communication
  • What is a good measure of your communication success?
  • Personal branding
  • Nonverbal communication tips
  • Becoming better listeners
  • How to get leaders to change by seeking feedback
  • Top tips to improve communication
  • Amber’s podcast


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