Love Bachually
That's Not Canon Productions
We all know that love is about finding a genuine connection with someone, having open, honest communication and embarking on nationally televised helicopter dates to prove your commitment. We are Aimee Duroux and Geena Schwartz - two out and proud fans of The Bachelor Australia Franchise and your hosts of Love Bachually. We’re out to prove that The Bachelor isn’t a ridiculous TV show and gone are the days of labelling it as a guilty pleasure. Like a private orchestra on the first date, you’ll be delighted, confused and overwhelmed alongside us as we try to piece together the drama and fairytale romance that is the Bachelor. We’ll be diving deep into the politics of the show as well. How much of what we think is influenced by the way a person, date or cocktail party is edited? Are these healthy behaviours? Will we ever find love in a hopeless place? So can you become smarter by being invested in the Bach? Definitely, maybe. At the end of the day, we’re just two girls here for the right reasons.
Love Bachually
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