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Consultants often approach clients seeking to answer the question, “How can I help you?” What would happen if you instead asked, “What can you and I create together, to solve the problem?” Our guest today is Jennifer Kenny. Jennifer is a speaker, technology leader, strategic advisor, and bestselling author of “The Innovation Mindset: A Proven Method to Fuel Performance and Results” Jennifer shares with us how her career started out in geology, where she delved into the depths of systems thinking. Those practices, built to support her scientific hypotheses, led her to consulting and developing her own content.  Jennifer's innovative attitude to solving problems by using a mastery of coordination, communication, and co-creation of solutions elevated her approach, and allowed her and her clients to overcome complex challenges. One problem that was not easily solved was writing her bestselling book, The Innovation Mindset. Jennifer tells us how the book started with an entirely different focus before getting scrapped for a second iteration… which she also discarded! Through conversation with Page Two Publishing, Jennifer realized that she should be focusing on innovation and collaborative ideas - and thus, her book was born. In addition, Jennifer talks about the huge learning curve that exists in the publishing industry, and how she worked with her daughter to enhance her own capabilities and create an incredible book! Three Key Takeaways: * If you are going to share your mastery of a complex field or system, you need to make it easy for your audience to understand your insights. * Aspiring authors should find a good editor that can elevate a manuscript to its full potential. * If you are going to write with a partner, you need to understand the intricacies of collaboration - and communication!
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