The Effects of Soft Skills in Thought Leadership | David Wood | 346
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Not that long ago, books about emotions, vulnerability, and transparency would have been found in the self-help section. Now, business books about those same "soft skills" top best-seller lists. What has changed and why have these skills become so important?

Our guest on this episode is David Wood, a former consulting actuary to Fortune 100 companies and founder of the world’s largest coaching business, serving an audience of 150,000 coaches across 12 countries. He also hosts the Tough Conversations podcast, and is the author of Get Paid For Who You Are as well as an upcoming book titled Name that Mouse.

David shares his journey, from developing his intellect while shutting down his emotional side, to his realization that there is a great need for emotional intelligence, vulnerability, and transparency on the path to excellence as a leader. We also discuss the change in the way these necessary soft-skills have been perceived in the last decade, and how they moved out of the self-help section and onto every major executive's must-have list of proficiencies.

Further, David shares news about his upcoming book, Name That Mouse. Much like the "elephant in the room," there are often other smaller, more subtle problems in any workplace that are not discussed - "mice" that everyone ignores. David explains why simply naming "the mouse" and addressing it can alleviate anxiety, create transparency, and avoid negative feelings that are easily avoided.

This conversation is a fascinating look at soft skills in the business world, and why they are essential for success.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Thought Leadership needs to support emotional intelligence, communication, and authenticity within the corporate world.
  • Thought Leadership can be used to enrich both career and our home life, giving us skills that are universal.
  • Naming a problem can give it less power. Thought Leadership should help to bring these small, necessary issues into the light.
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