The Two Sides of Being A Coach | Michael Wenderoth | 425
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The words power, politics, and leverage typically have a negative connotation.  They bring to mind times when good people have been oppressed and mistreated.   But what if you could leverage power and politics ethically? Michael Wenderoth is a speaker and executive coach who works one on one with leaders and executive teams, inspiring and teaching them to ethically leverage power and politics to get things done. Earlier this year, he authored Get Promoted: What You're Really Missing at Work That's Holding You Back, codifying his philosophies around thought leadership and morality. In today's chat, we examine power in the workplace; from the fundamentals to the uses of leverage. Too often, good people stand on the sidelines of leadership, afraid of the negative associations or power -  and therefore, those people are not making a positive impact. Michael explains how power is simply the force needed to get things done. It's not good, or bad, and it can be used to help others. Michael has seen an increase in organizations wanting to shape the next generation of ethical and more diverse leadership. He shares how many people who are not used to being in a position of power or leadership can be ill-equipped to take the lead. Companies are investing in their future leaders by hiring coaches to help the next generation reach their full potential. In March of 2022, Michael published Get Promoted: What You're Really Missing at Work That's Holding You Back. We discuss why launching a book takes years of investment, and talk more about navigating the two sides of a coaching business - doing the grunt work of business, and the amazing potential of coaching. Three Key Takeaways: *  Power and politics in the office can be leveraged ethically to accelerate your career. *  Organizations wanting diverse leadership need to invest the time to train these potential leaders – but also accept that leadership can look different to many people. *  When working as a coach for a company you need to be frank about the deliverable and how you will impact those you serve.
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