The Democratization of Understanding| Mahan Tavakoli | 529
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If Generative AI is fed all writing on the internet, then when you ask it a question, it can give you a good answer.  Or at least an answer that is good enough. For this reason, good enough is no longer good enough. To discern the role Generative AI can play on the future of thought leadership I’ve invited Mahan Tavakoli to join me.  Mahan is the CEO of Strategic Leadership Ventures which helps people become the sort of leader people want to follow.  He is also the host of the Partnering Leadership where you can learn the leadership journeys of successful CEOs and the top global thought leaders. Our conversation with Mahan starts with getting an understanding of both generative AI and what we would call good ideas. From there we explore how asking the right questions is the secret to getting useful knowledge out of either. While asking the right questions of AI can allows us a great understanding of the vast amount of data in our organizations, the right questions of an idea can discover the power of differentiation and niches. If you’re looking to expand your use or understanding of AI and how we can unlock the power of our ideas this is a great episode for you. Three Key Takeaways: ·         Part of thought leadership is marrying the ideas of others to see new patterns.  ·         When we think we know the answer, we don't ask the simple fundamental questions that can unveil new insights.  ·         The power comes from the differentiation and the niches.  Rather than the belief that you need to go wide.

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