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On the Thought Row podcast, we celebrate what people love to do creatively by giving them a voice so you can learn from their creative experience in life. We share with you the conversations we have with talented people from all over the world. We speak to real creatives that come from all walks of life and are real-life superstars pursuing their creative passions and dreams. . The Thought Row Podcast is a place for you to learn how to be more creative in everything you do. The show features interesting creative people from around the world. These special guests include: artists, writers, photographers, composers, musicians, curators, chefs, skilled artisans, vintners, entrepreneurs, designers, fashion designers, architects, voice actors, actors, and many others. . The podcasts are conversations between Rod & Inci Jones and their guests, you can learn from their experiences, insights, and travels. They cover a wide variety of topics that will be of great interest to anyone that is or wants to be more creative. The world is so noisy, it's sometimes hard as a creative to showcase your originality. Listen to the conversations to help you live your best creative life and nurture your imagination. . While listening to the podcasts you will hear inspirational quotes, stories, and motivational talks that will help inspire and illuminate your thinking. The Thought Row podcast is a great way for you to stay motivated by getting a weekly boost of positive thoughts and ideas. Thought Row will help you in your daily journey of becoming the creative person you want to be. . Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts, to get your weekly dose of motivation, inspiration, and thought-provoking conversation. . Tune in each week for a new episode. . Remember to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. . "Celebrating what people love to do creatively" - Rod & Inci Jones
Thought Row
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