Diversity in Data with the Founders of the Lone Star Parity Project
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Meet the Founders of the Lone Star Parity Project, Brooke López and Adrianna Maberry. Have you ever wondered how many women are currently running in office? Lone Star Parity Project was created to research and broadcast these numbers.

Surprisingly enough, the data to provide these statistics have not been well tracked and organized until now, until this project recognized the need. Brooke and Adrianna dream of making this kind of information accessible for everyone. The info that these two women have brought to light has made it clear that now more than ever women are needed in office!

Tune in to hear the how and why women should run for office today!

About The Host:

Terri Broussard Williams believes that leaders turn moments into movements. She also believes that anyone can be a great leader. Terri explains that movements can be as big as passing a law, building a church, or starting a nonprofit. They can also be as small as giving to someone in need, showing kindness, or helping students at a school get gym equipment.

This podcast is here to help you with the HOW and WHY people build movements. Terri breaks it down each time using the #FirestarterFormula which is: find your cause, build a community to help, communicate your vision, and work to see change. In each episode of this podcast, we’ll take a look at one of the four pillars of the #MovementMakerTribe including philanthropy, policy change, movement-building, and the movement from within.

Moderator/Host: Terri Broussard Williams, Founder, Movement Maker Tribe + Social Impact Strategist, Lobbyist

Very Important Guests:

Brooke López seeks to bring gender parity to women in politics. Brooke co-founded Lone Star Parity Project, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to sharing the research and stories behind women and femmes in Texas politics. She began her journey into politics and government at a young age by working with her state representative to draft a bill at age 15, founding a social welfare-based nonprofit at age 16, running for municipal public office at age 18, and serving on the Public Arts Advisory Board for her hometown at age 19. She graduated cum laude from the University of Texas at Dallas with a BSc in Public Affairs and currently attends the University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law. López also works as a Program Facilitator for IGNITE National. She is the proud owner of Albus, the destructive "abogato" (cat lawyer in Spanish).

Adrianna Maberry is a leading demographics expert in Texas politics. Her extensive background in geography and data science informs how she looks at every problem. With this lens, she’s helped identify solutions in fields like veteran’s affairs, redistricting, urban planning, and domestic violence. As a founder of Lone Star Parity Project, she is addressing the disproportionate representation of men and empowering women to run through aggregating data with a localized approach. Adrianna currently resides in Washington, D.C., where she enjoys walking the National Mall and going for hikes in Shenandoah National Park.

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