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May 17, 2023
Tech Leader Pro podcast 22, On dealing with recruiters
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Today I am going share my experiences of working with recruiters for many years in the tech industry, from the perspective of a hiring manager. I will discuss what makes a bad recruiter, and what makes a great one, and why it is all based on trust.


  • I gave my perspective of working with different recruiters over many years of being a hiring manager, both good and bad.
  • I hire based on attitude firstly (soft skills), and technical (hard skills) secondly.
  • I need recruitment partners that can follow the same approach to the letter.
  • In the tech industry globally, hiring managers like me are competing with each other for the same limited pool of people.
  • The biggest complaint I have about bad recruiters is their tendency to hassle hiring managers like me. They forget that hiring is not our day job, and we have many other responsibilities.
  • Put simply, bad recruiters are impatient.
  • Recruitment is based on trust, and if I lose trust in a recruiter I will also disengage with them. They need to build a relationship with hiring managers in order to build trust.
  • Bad recruiters offer cheep swag as gifts to hiring managers on LinkedIn or other avenues. Don’t do that with senior people: it’s cheesy and will work against you.
  • The good recruiters I have worked with value my time, because they know my time can make them money via recruitment fees.
  • They know how to hustle, not hassle.
  • When I speak with a good recruiter in my city, I come away from that conversation smarter. They share industry intel.
  • Finally, a good recruiter will not BS me, and they understand that their reputation is on the line each and every time they put forward a candidate.

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