AI in Business
AI in Business
Dec 1, 2020
AI in Oil and Gas, Unlocking the Value of Data - with Lorena Pelegrín of Iron Mountain
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Today's guest is the great and brilliant Lorena Pelegrín, Product Manager of InSight, Iron Mountain's AI-driven Content Services Platform. Iron Mountain serves more than 225,000 organizations for secure data & asset storage, spanning 90+ million sq. ft. of data centers and real estate. And Google recently celebrated InSight as its AI & ML Cloud Partner of the Year. Episode topics include: subsurface data, asset inspection workflows, and setting up "digital twins."

Data Futurology - Leadership And Strategy in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science
Data Futurology - Leadership And Strategy in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science
Felipe Flores
#139 Causal Inference with Carlos Avello - Marketing Science Lead
We have Carlos Avello, Marketing Science Lead at Amazon (Director of Marketing Analytics at eBay at the time of recording) joining us for an insightful chat on Causal Inference and how it can help businesses understand causes and impacts for better decision making. Even before ecommerce started, Carlos was already working within an extremely data-driven business model. He started his journey in direct response marketing, tracking data from coupons and later analyzing it. In his own words, he explains causal inference is based on evidence you collect of the impact a certain marketing effort had on your overall sales. Experimentation is the core of causal inference, and specifically A/B tests are used very often. Quotes: * "Causal inference is based on evidence you collect of the impact a certain marketing effort had on your overall sales." * "Experimentation is at the core of it. You cannot get into causal inference if you do not compare two different populations with different treatments." * "Marketing is the product of a partnership between the advertiser and the advertising platform. Two different companies and there are things that we are ready to share and some others that are tricky to share, like customer data. If you want to setup a test where you are suppressing treatment to some people and allowing others to be exposed to the treatment and then compare the final results on sales you need to find a solution were you are saving enough information so the advertiser knows who has been exposed and who has not and later they can compare the sales." Thanks to our sponsor: Talent Insights Read the full episode summary here: Ep #139 Enjoy the show! --- Send in a voice message:
57 min
Demetrios Brinkmann
When Machine Learning meets privacy - Episode 9
**Private data, Data Science friendly** Data Scientists are always eager to get their hands on more data, in particular, if that data has any value that can be extracted. Nevertheless, in real-world situations, data does not exist in the abundance that we thought existed, in other situations, the data might exist, but not possible to share it with different entities due to privacy concerns, which makes the work of data scientists not only hard, but sometimes even impossible. // Abstract: In the last episode of this series, we've decided to bring not one, but two guests to tells us how Synthetic data can unlock the use of data for Data Science teams whenever privacy concerns are a reality.  Jean-François Rajotte, Researcher and Resident data Scientist at the University of Columbia and Sumit Mukherjee, Senior Applied Scientist at Microsoft's AI for Good, bring us into more detail their expertise not only, in Synthetic data generation, but in it's mind blowing combination with Federated Learning to take the healthcare sector into the next level of AI adoption. //Other links to check on Jean-François Rajotte: //Other links to check on Sumit Mukherjee: (Sumit research) (PrivGan) //Final thoughts Feel free to drop some questions into our slack channel (  Watch some of the other podcast episodes and old meetups on the channel: ----------- Connect With Us ✌️------------- Join our Slack community: Follow us on Twitter:  @mlopscommunity Sign up for the next meetup: Connect with Fabiana on LinkedIn: Connect with Jean-François on LinkedIn: Connect with Sumit on LinkedIn:
42 min
Google Cloud Platform Podcast
Google Cloud Platform Podcast
Google Cloud Platform
2020 Year End Wrap Up
This week, four of the podcast’s greatest hosts come together to celebrate all of the fun and informative episodes we’ve been privileged to do this year! Join Mark Mirchandani, Jon Foust, Priyanka Vergadia, and Brian Dorsey as we talk about our favorite guests and shows, some cool things that happened this year, and what we’re looking forward to in 2021! Cool things of the week * A Giant List of Google Cloud Resources blog * Google Cloud 4 Words site Our favorite episodes * Jon’s Favorites * GCP Podcast Episode 212: Data Management with Amy Krishnamohan podcast * GCP Podcast Episode 237: NVIDIA with Bryan Catanzaro podcast * Priyanka’s Favorite * GCP Podcast Episode 240: reCAPTCHA Enterprise with Kelly Anderson + Spring ML Potholes with Eric Clark podcast * Mark’s Favorites * GCP Podcast Episode 242: NASA and FDL with James Parr and Madhulika Guhathakurta podcast * GCP Podcast Episode 217: Cost Optimization with Justin Lerma and Pathik Sharma podcast * GCP Podcast Episode 228: Fastly with Tyler McMullen podcast * Brian’s Favorites * GCP Podcast Episode 223: Voice Coding with Emily Shea and Ryan Hileman podcast * GCP Podcast Episode 233: Bare Metal Solution with James Harding and Gurmeet Goindi podcast * GCP Podcast Episode 212: Data Management with Amy Krishnamohan podcast Sound Effects Attribution * “Bad Beep” by RicherLandTV of * “Small Group Laugh 6” by Tim.Kahn of * “It’s Always Night in Space” by JamesSilvera of * “Easy Cheesy” by LoboLoco of
36 min
Banking Transformed with Jim Marous
Banking Transformed with Jim Marous
Evergreen Podcasts
How to Win in the Experience Economy
How can organizations compete for customers, time, attention and money in an increasingly digital world where time is limited, attention is scarce and the ability to genuinely engage with consumers has become more difficult than ever? One of the few brand differentiators available today is to build memorable and repeatable experiences. Unlike in the past, when many of these experiences could be built in a one-to-one tactile world, digital delivery changes the game. To better understand the challenges and opportunities of building a compelling customer experience, I am joined by fellow Clevelander Jim Gilmore. Jim is the coauthor, along with Joe Pine, of one of the best business books of the 20th century, "The Experience Economy". Jim shares examples of how executives from any industry can set themselves apart from the competition be creating personalized and transformative experiences. Episode Sponsor: Auriga Auriga is a leading supplier of software and technological solutions for the banking and payments industries, and a specialist provider of innovative omnichannel solutions to banks and other financial institutions. Auriga wants to help bank branches avoid closure by moving to a “Lean Bank Branch” model. The model reinvents branches as leaner operations, creating enhanced value for customers based on self-service for simple functions and video calling booths for one-to-one personalized advice - reducing their operating costs. As safety has been redefined by COVID worldwide, the lean bank branch requires no contact yet puts human connection and conversation back into banking. Find out more at LinkedIn - Twitter - @aurigaSW
37 min
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