So What? China's Grip on Telecommunications with Jon Pelson, Author of "Wireless Wars"
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In this So What? episode, Jon Pelson, author of the best-selling book "Wireless Wars," discusses China’s impact on the telecommunications space. He also shares the frightening security concerns around Chinese components in 5G networks and discusses why the FCC's ban on these components may not be enough.

Key Topics

  • [01:30] China's Success in the Telecom Industry
  • [05:12] China's Grip on 5G
  • [08:29] Are Your Communications Ever Private?
  • [13:00] The Influence of Technology
  • [15:53] What Would Happen if China Got Control?
  • [19:20] FCC Ban on Chinese Components
  • [24:50] Huawei's Placement Strategy
  • [30:05] Is the FCC Ban a Good Start?
  • [38:42] How America Takes Back Control
  • [44:51] Tech Talk Questions

Quotable Quotes

On Huawei's Tower Placement: "Our nuclear missile bases, our special operations command at the nuclear sub base are all served by Huawei cell equipment." I said, 'That's impossible. They have like 0.1% market share. How could they have every nuclear missile site?' I started looking into it. The reason I called the book 'Wireless Wars' is because it's a war that's being fought through what appears to be business means. This is not business." -Jon Pelson

On Why We Should Protect Data: "People say, 'I have nothing to hide.' Especially the younger generation says, 'Look, my privacy, in that regard, is not that important.' I was asked at the end of an interview, 'What would happen if China got control over us the way they're trying to?' I said, 'You don't have to scratch your head and do scenario planning. Look at places where China has control over the population.' -Jon Pelson

About Our Guest

Jon Pelson spent nearly 30 years working as a technology executive, including serving as vice president at Lucent Technologies and chief of convergence strategy for British Telecom. His work with China’s telecom industry during this time led Pelson to write his best-selling book "Wireless Wars" China’s Dangerous Domination of 5G and How We’re Fighting Back."

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