#250 Alisha Thayer Uses Exceptions in Design Systems
Play • 54 min
Alisha Thayer, a designer who has worked on AAA video games like Red Dead Redemption and Rise of the Tomb Raider, joins Dirk and David to talk game systems. They discuss both the strengths and limitations of designing games that allow multiple systems to interact with each other and create novel experiences. By walking through the different games she’s worked on in her career, Alisha explains how she learned why exceptions to procedural game systems can enhance the player experience.
So Very Wrong About Games
So Very Wrong About Games
Mike Walker & Mark Bigney
#157: Trick Shot
Wheel, snipe, celly boys. Crushin' sandos. Superstar power poses? Pfft. I could run a clinic on this, boys. The flow, and the snow. That's it, tarps off boys! You looking for a tilly, buddy? It's time for a donnybrook! Ferda. Games Played Last Week: 01:17 -Crystal Palace (Carsten Lauber, Feuerland Spiele, 2019) 08:21 -Schotten Totten 2 (Reiner Knizia, IELLO, 2020) 11:04 -Blackout: Hong Kong (Alexander Pfister, eggertspiele, 2018) 15:20 -Cthulhu: Death May Die (Eric M. Lang & Rob Daviau, CMON, 2019) 17:14 -Anachrony: Fractures of Time (Richard Amann, Viktor Peter, Dávid Turczi, & Mindclash Games, 2020) 23:38 -Scape Goat (Jon Perry, Indie Boards & Cards, 2020) 26:33 -The Court of Miracles (Vincent Brugeas & Guilhem Gautrand, Lumberjacks Studio, 2019) 29:07 -Res Arcana (Thomas Lehmann, Sand Castle Games, 2019) 30:03 -Medina (Second Edition) (Stefan Dorra, Stronghold Games, 2014) 31:47 -Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 (Rob Daviau & Matt Leacock, Z-Man Games, 2020) News (and why it doesn't matter): 31:47 Glorious return of Pandemic Legacy Patreon show The C.U.R.E. Files 32:24 Black History Month at Boardgamegeek 33:26 Core Worlds: Empires 33:58 Metal Gear Solid board game reverts to Matsuuchi, future uncertain 34:41 Stroganov by Andread Steding 35:14 More Great Western Trail(s) 35:58 Let's Role on Kickstarter--online tabletop roleplaying 36:37 Concordia Solitaria 37:08 Feature Game: Trick Shot (Nikita Krylov & Artyom Nichipurov, Wolff Designa, 2021)
56 min
Michael Eckenfels & Martin Gonzalvez
Episode #74 - Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps
Welcome to Solosaurus, a podcast about one player board and card games. In this episode, Martin and Michael take their pulse rifles and flares into a game called Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps, a solo/co-op game by Gale Force Nine. Intro and Exposition (0:00) Solo Game News (03:13) Review Begins (13:50) Components (17:28) Rules (31:32) Gameplay (36:51) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (46:39) Stomp Discussion (55:14) Special Announcement (56:27) Final Thoughts (59:58) You can find great solo games (and a community to talk about them with like-minded folks) at the best online gaming store for solo gamers: Stone Valley Games (www.stonevalleygames.com). Check them out, and tell them we sent you To see more from Solosaurus, like us on Facebook at (facebook.com/solosaurus), follow us on Instagram (@solosauruspodcast), or shoot as an email at solosauruspodcast@gmail.com. To read more of our favorite solo news page, head over to www.tableforone.me, or visit them on BGG at https://boardgamegeek.com/blog/9292. PARTICIPATE in the great Warp's Edge giveaway, as mentioned in the podcast! https://www.stonevalleygames.com/warp The three games mentioned in the news segment for this episode (note that links may expire; if so, check 'em out on BGG): * V-Commandos * Vienna Connection * Maeshowe Other games mentioned in this episode of the podcast: * Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game * Unbroken * Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck-Building Game * Legendary Encounters: A Firefly Deck-Building Game
1 hr 3 min
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