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Yakitori & Kushiyaki

Yakitori & Kushiyaki are grilled skewers, often of chicken, other meats, or vegetables.  Yakitori & Kushiyaki are highly-popular dining options in Japan with many varieties to choose from.  Listen and learn to discover all of the variations of Yakitori & Kushiyaki of these delicious Japanese delicacies because these are a must-try for any tourist visiting Japan.  Learn the meaning of all of these varieties so that you can order exactly what you like!


Foods & Dining 2: Yakitori
grilled chicken skewers yakitori
chicken white meat skewer toriniku
chicken breast skewer yotsumi
chicken thigh skewers momo
chicken meat & scallion negima
chicken meatball tsukune
chicken wings tebasaki
chicken hearts hatsu or kokoro
chicken liver rebaa
chicken gizzard zuri or sunagimo
chicken cartilage nankotsu
chicken intestines siro
chicken tail bonjiri
chicken skins kawa
Foods & Dining 3: Kushiyaki
grilled meat or vegetable skewer kushiyaki
pork belly butabara
beef tongue gyuutan
thick tofu atsuage
green pepper piiman
ginko nuts ginnan
mushrooms wrapped in pork enoki maki
asparagus wrapped in bacon asuparabeekon

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