EP 6: Nate Bailey - Leadership To The Extreme
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We all have witnessed nearly impossible feats being achieved by incredible individuals. They seem to push the standard, raising the bar for what we once thought possible. These sort of individuals possess the necessary mental toughness that doesn’t allow quitting to be an option.

Nate Bailey, an Army National Guard Veteran, is no stranger to the discipline it takes to do it all. He is an extreme endurance athlete, coach, trainer, “Surviving Mann” reality t.v. contestant, author, podcaster, and passionate leader in helping others become champions of their own lives. He firmly believes that we can do so much more than we realize...“That’s why I do what I do… to help others see a different perspective.”

On this episode of “The Tactical Entrepreneur,” Steve and Nate dig deep into the tactical preparation it takes to be an endurance athlete. They discuss how challenging our comfort zone is key, why who we surround ourselves with matters, and how being impeccable with your word leads to success! Tune in to hear more about Nate’s coaching business, and how to rise above the rest.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why being an endurance athlete teaches you about who you really are.
  • What being in the 1% looks like just by signing up for endurance races, and that looking at the positive side of each failure can help you to stay focused on your goal.
  • How being in past races has prepared Nate for the challenges he would face on “Surviving Mann”. 
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

Change your level to the level of those around you...you start seeing people living at a high level, you either catch up or you get left behind.”


  • Nate Bailey


Connect with Nate:

Coaching with Nate

Surviving Mann TV Show

All Secure Foundation

Championship Leadership Podcast


How to Get Involved:

Steve Schabaker is the co-founder of Sheepdog Firearms and an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and marketer. Between his business and his content, Steve is educating firearm owners and armed professionals and setting a new standard for shops and training centers in the industry.

You can visit Sheepdog Firearms online or reach out directly to Steve at sschabacker@outlook.com.Check out this podcast on Apple Podcasts - don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review!

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