Egypt - 2004
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In this episode, you will learn some fascinating insights about Egypt.

The Bible predicted in Isaiah chapter 19, rivers drying up that flow into the Nile as well as papyrus reeds dying off. What do you find today with those rivers? Where is the only place you’ll find papyrus reeds? Why this prediction? What was found in the basement of a museum that helps answer that question? You may be shocked!

The Bible mentions the Hittite people, but skeptics didn’t believe it. What archaeological find in the Valley of the Kings region proved the Bible?

How was the Rosetta stone found and why was that a major contributor to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphics?

Ezekiel chapter 30 predicted something about the city of Memphis. What was the prediction and did it come true?

Learn about Ramses ii, Tutankhamun, Constantine and more!

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