Jun 3, 2022
The Distinguishing Characteristic of Elite Leaders
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In leadership, as in life - there’s no greater currency than Trust.  Without it, no relationship, let alone team or organization can endure.

Reflect for a moment on the last time someone in your inner circle betrayed your trust - How did it make you feel?  Likely not great - and regardless of the emotion, it’s a feeling that won’t easily be forgotten.  On the flip side, think about a relationship where trust is unequivocal -  and the influence that has on your sense of self and the relationship with the other individual and/or company?

Each of us has stories that reflect our experiences with Trust - both positive and negative; still, the widening trust gap in society begs an urgent call for reexamining the very essence of Trust in business and in life.  I was excited to have this conversation with Stephen M. R. Covey because few have had the global access to leaders and leadership as he has.  Having worked with leaders in fifty-five countries, he has a strong grasp of what   distinguishes elite leaders, and why the “Trust and Inspire” model is in complete alignment the leadership demands of today.

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