#49 Strength - Force ≠ Strength
Play • 19 min

This podcast features Megan and Diane in dialogue about what ‘force’ and ‘strength’ are – where Strength comes from; how unique each being’s strength is. So much show of force is occurring globally, in societies all over the world. There appears to be widespread confusion about strength, force and the roles these play within situations in which fear and violence dominate. Reference is made to the current trend in media, especially films, to portray mythical archetypes we invest our hopes and dreams in as being excessively violent, creating massive destruction and in conflict with each other. From a variety of angles, many aspects of individual and collective strength and force are examined.  An invitation is issued to listeners to bravely examine personal, individual strength and how that differs from force; and how we keep ourselves and each other weak through being separate from real strength.  

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