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The $100 MBA Show
Jan 21, 2021
MBA1706 How to Identify Your Best Customers & Get More of Them
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Some customers are worth more of your time and resources than others.

I know, that sounds harsh. But it’s better for all customers when you understand this simple truth. It’s not that your “best” customers are inherently superior. It’s just that they’re a better fit for your product or service.

…which means they’re worth a little extra love.

Today, we discuss how to figure out who your real cheerleaders are: the ones who stay engaged, love what you do, and spread the word. Then, we’ll talk about how to recruit even more customers who fit that profile. 

Focus on the customers who give you the best ROI and CLTV. Click Play!

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The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
Ryan Hawk
407: Ryan Serhant - How To Have Big Magnetic Energy (Million Dollar Listing)
Text LEARNERS to 44222 for more... Full show notes at Twitter/IG: @RyanHawk12 Ryan Serhant is a real estate broker, CEO, and founder of SERHANT. He's a bestselling author, producer, and star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York and Sell It Like Serhant. He led the #1 ranked (in sales volume) real estate team in New York City in 2019 with just under $1.45 Billion in sales. Notes: * His mantra is: "Expansion. Always in all ways." * It's about growth. * Work to find your own brand and mantra -- It must be honest and genuine for you. * A learning exercise for you to do: A "self-audit." Ask your friends and colleagues, "When I'm not around and you're describing me to others, what do you say?" * Find friends who are willing to be honest with you to better understand what you're known for... If you don't like it, work to change it. * Ryan Serhant was known as the guy who kept his hands in his pockets and couldn't look you in the eye. He needed to change that. * "Your perception to others is your reputation and your brand." * "Fake it til you make it" is not useful... * Instead, Ryan sold the TV producers at Bravo the person and the real estate broker he would become... * "When Tom Brady got drafted in the 6th round, he told the owner, 'That's the best decision you've ever made.' Tom Brady truly believed that. I believed I would become the best real estate agent in the world." * "I didn't show them who I was in the moment, I showed them who I could become." * Pivotal moment - Ryan went to the top selling agent in his office and said, "Man, how are you doing this, can you teach me?" And the agent said to Ryan, "Na man, I ain't telling you shit." Ryan thought, "Wow. I'm going to have to figure this out on my own. This guy is threatened by me." * The New York City market - "It's cut throat. I went there for theater school, and stayed because, 'I would rather regret the things I did, than what I thought about doing and didn't do." * Ryan depends on a routine to be productive. It is: * "I wake up at 4:00am. In the gym by 5:00. 6:00 shower. Baby time at 7:00. First meeting at 7:30. I figure I wake up three hours earlier than most people. If you multiple that 3 hours times 365 days, I get on average 30 more days per year than others. I like my odds with 30 extra days." * Discipline is critical - "Of course I'm tired in the morning, but I get up and do it anyway. People need to do more things that could better their lives. Do the things within your control." It's harder, but worth it. * How has becoming a dad changed Ryan? * "My wife says it's being a male nester. I worked harder and worked more while she was pregnant. I want to be the provider for my family. My daughter has made everything bigger." * What about balance? "I have no balance. I'm lucky I found a partner who understands my drive and work ethic." * What to say to those who don't like him because of the self-promotion? * "I'm a real estate broker. I'm a salesman. The difference with me is I don't hide it. Our job is to promote our success so that we can get the next listing." * Building confidence: * "People who spend millions on real estate don't lack confidence. They want a broker who is confident too." * Big Money Energy: * "It's a unique set of qualities that every successful, confident person has..." * Code #1: "When you can't change your circumstance, there's one thing you can change. Your energy. I sell a transfer of energy. Of excitement." * Energy * "Develop magnetism so others want to be around you. How? Ask questions, be interested in them, listen to their responses, create friendships instead of clients." * "Shift your mindset -- What is your why? What's the wall you're fighting against? -- "I had no money and no connections in NYC. I rode the Subway crying that I couldn't even get a rental listing... That's my why." * Commonality among excellence real estate brokers: * Must be very organized * Follow up is critical * Disciplined * Relentless work ethic * Empathetic - The ability to be excited or sad with a client. * There are 3 types of sales people: * Car sales - pushes, thinks short term * Tour guide - Just points to stuff, never closes deals * Push & Pull - They work to get the deal done
59 min
Coaching for Leaders
Coaching for Leaders
Dave Stachowiak
514: The Way to Lead Online Events, with Tim Stringer
Tim Stringer: Technically Simple Tim Stringer is a coach, consultant, and trainer and the founder of Technically Simple. He provides productivity, technology and workflow coaching, consulting and training to people and organizations, large and small, all over the planet. His technology specializations include Asana, Daylite, OmniFocus, and Trello. He supports many people in productivity though his website -- and also through the Holistic Productivity approach that he developed after coming face-to-face with cancer back in 2008. Tim consults to leaders and organizations on how to use Zoom effectively and recently launched a new course: Leading Effective Zoom Events. In this conversation, Tim and I overview some of the common mistakes of online events, how online can produce even better results than in-person, and ways to engage people quickly. Plus, we review some of the key technology that will support your organization’s outreach efforts. Key Points It’s often a mistake to assume that you’ll be able to lead online events with the same planning and design for in-person events. Opening a meeting early and using the five-minute rule to begin with icebreakers, breakouts, polls, or reactions will help engage people in the event quickly. For events with many people or higher visibility for your organization, have a dedicated technology co-pilot so that hosts and speakers can stay focused on being present. Virtual lounges (with a dedicated host), spotlight and multi-spotlight, practice sessions, and preassigned breakouts can all help the technology disappear and the human connections to take center stage. Some organizations are discovering they are more successful with online events than past in-person ones. Many have had such a positive experience that they plan to continue leveraging virtual events after the pandemic. Resources Mentioned Leading Effective Zoom Events by Tim Stringer Recommended Practices for Engaging Online Events (PDF download) Related Episodes Serve Others Through Marketing, with Seth Godin (episode 381) How to Create Meaningful Gatherings, with Priya Parker (episode 395) How to Run an Online Meeting, with Bonni Stachowiak (episode 472) Discover More Activate your free membership for full access to the entire library of interviews since 2011, searchable by topic.
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