Win at SEO by Building Community - Jay Clouse
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Something has been… missing… for a lot of us over the past year. 2020, and now into 2021.

A group of people who support one another. It’s not on Facebook, or instagram, or even Twitter (as much as we’d like to pretend it is, or could be).

Those are.. Audience. A conversation, maybe, but more likely a place where you

What we’ve been missing, many of us, in this pandemic is something else.

Before we get into what that is, I want to point out a big trend recently:

  • Zapier acquired Makerpad
  • Hubspot acquired The Hustle
  • Business Inside acquired Morning Brew

What those big companies are buying is exactly what we’ve been missing: community.

It’s not just valuable for the acquisition, but also for (I’d argue) for SEO.

If you want articles written about you, easy backlinks via deep relationships, you can get there with an audience, but it’s far easier with a strong COMMUNITY.

Today, we’ll go on that journey together, discovering how to win at SEO by becoming somebody’s favorite community.

I want to give you an invitation.

Join Jay and myself inside the SEO for the Rest of Us community, for a brief masterclass on how to tactically implement the very thing we’ve talked about all episode: Winning at SEO by becoming somebody’s favorite community. 

Jay walked us through his framework for doing that, including:

  • Get people to post an intro
  • Reply to posts with questions and tag other people in
  • Reach out to folks who’ve been gone for a bit
  • Reward model behavior
  • Post every day — Always open-ended discussions ala Core Web Vitals post I made
  • You’re awesome, I want more people like you → Can I give you some resources to share with friends?
  • Onboarding: What do I do next? Then, reward them for doing the right thing.

Jump into the community to get Jay’s masterclass on becoming somebody’s favorite community.

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