The #1 Content Marketing Strategy for 2021 - Ross Simmonds
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If you are in the marketing automation space, it's great to look at the HubSpots of the world and try to leverage that to gain insight, but you can also look at sites like Wirecutter. You can look at any other property that has been able to kill it from an SEO standpoint and reverse-engineer what gave them success.

One of the key insights I've recognized is when you look at Moz, Salesforce, or HubSpot, a lot of them have been able to establish a lot of traffic by simply creating glossary sections of their websites. That's something that, as an SEO, you should be able to look at and ask how can I apply this to my industry?

If you're a coffee company, maybe you create a glossary around the different phrases that are interesting to coffee. If you are a plant company and you're selling plants, create a glossary section on your site that is dedicated to the bonsai trees, to the tulips, to any other plants.

Don't hesitate to look at other industries outside of your own for inspiration.

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