How to win at SEO with REALLY REALLY Good Content — John Bonini (Databox / Some Good Content
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Have you ever gone back to visit the neighborhood you grew up in?

It was different, wasn’t it?

Even if it hadn’t changed in all those years, it still wasn’t *quite* how you remembered it.

That’s… kinda what we’re going to explore in this week’s show.

In case you’re new here, hey I’m Brendan, I love love love finding people who can teach us something new about SEO. Last week’s episode was with Gabby Miele, talking about building links without being a spammer. We explored new ways to think about SEO by talking to email marketers like Val Geisler and Chase Dimond.

In this week’s show, we’re diving into a topic that’s been talked about a million (maybe a billion at this point), times before.

It’s the neighborhood… most of us… grew up in.

Content. Writing things online.

But, for me and… maybe for you. It’s different now.

And, I don’t think I realized just how different until today’s guest joined me for a conversation that would turn out to be an absolute masterclass in creating content that matters.

So, let’s go take a walk through our old neighborhood, reminisce a little, and see what’s changed.

Please welcome a fellow dad of 3 kids under 5, founder of Some Good Content, director of marketing at Databox and my friend, John Bonini.


So as you heard John and I were about to dive deep into his search motivation framework, which is a spectacular companion to what you’ll already find in the SEO for the Rest of Us community membership area. 

John’s masterclass, as well as a master class taught by EVERY SINGLE ONE of our guests is right there, inside the membership area. You can join the community and get that INSTANTLY by going to OR just click open the episode details on your podcast player and click the link. Again, that’s or click the link right here in the show notes in your podcast player.

I love you. Thanks for giving me your most precious asset, your time. I know when I’ve gone on other people’s shows and that host’s audience reached out to say thanks, that just meant the world to me.

Finally, please join John’s Some Good Content on Patreon. It’s $10/mo and is worth 10x that (I personally pay for it every month).


I’m also excited for next week when we'll be joined by the only TWO-TIME guest ever on the podcast. Any guesses on who that’ll be? Share your guess with me on Twitter and I’ll read them at the intro to next week’s show.

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