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Should I use Anchor to launch my podcast? - 1KP0030
Jun 18, 2019 · 10 min
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It seems like every other day I'm seeing questions in forums and Facebook groups about whether Anchor.fm is a good solution for podcasters launching their shows. And the answers are often all over the place - everything from "I've never had a problem." to "You should NEVER trust Anchor. They steal your content and sell it." (Not actually true)

Listen to discover my thoughts on what Anchor.fm is good for, check out Dave Jackson's article on Anchor.fm, and then decide for yourself whether it's the right solution for your podcast.


These are the two podcast hosting services I actually recommend.

  • libsyn.com (use code 'noodle' for a free month)
  • Blubrry.com (affiliate - use code 'engage' for a free month)

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