113: When Something Unexpected Comes Along Pots on the Stove 🍳
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Hello, my ah-mazing empty nest friend,

Some years the unexpected is more the norm than the norm (whatever that means). The unexpected has a way of leveling us up, stretching us, and making us stronger. When we focus on a specific project or route for our lives, the unexpected may cause gut reactions such as,

  • "Why have I been working on this project the whole time?" or "My work must have moved out of my zone of genius." Or the dreaded:
  • "Wow, I've been on the wrong path this whole time!"

Sure, that could be the case, but when we zoom out to the bigger picture of our life, it might only be time to move that project to the warming oven for a bit until other things have matured. You'll never go wrong if you consider both before making a big decision.

🗨 "Try different things, and know that some “recipes in the pots' are going to cook up a lot quicker than you were expecting."

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What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • An Analogy to Consider When Unexpected Opportunities Enter Your Life
  • To Remember to Discern What You Are Making it All Mean
  • To Remember that What You Are Making it Mean is Optional

Episode Questions for You to Consider

  1. How many pots do you have on your stove?
  2. Is this analogy useful?
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