116: Laughing At Yourself - Are you a tissue box or a tissue 😂
16 min

Hello, my ah-mazing empty nest friend,

In this episode, I spill the beans on an embarrassing moment in my middle school years. I had not planned to dive into that story, but ideas and concepts sometimes appear, and I go with the flow.

Goodness gracious, there is so much power in laughing at yourself. 

This episode topic originated from an Instagram Reel where I poked fun at "life coaches" (mostly myself) and our my abundant use of analogies. 

And when I say extreme use - a few of you thought I was serious with my Reel - which made me laugh at myself more. 😂 Thank you for that.

Consider for a moment what life would be like if you laughed at yourself a bit more: not in a cruel way but a, "Well, I see the silliness in that, and I don't take myself too seriously," kind of way.

In the end, it may alleviate the pain a bit when another human laughs because you've already released the power the situation could have held on your life. 

Cheers and Giggles!

🗨 "What if your protector could slide on a pair of sunglasses that had a funny filter. Would anything change for you?"

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What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • What Happened When I Recently Poked Fun at Myself
  • An Embarrassing Story from My Middle School Years
  • To Consider Giving Your Protector a Pair of Glasses That Have a Humor Filter

Episode Questions for You to Consider

  1. How serious do you take yourself?
  2. Does the tissue box analogy need to die?
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