37: Laughing Through the Empty Nest Transition with Jenn Musselman
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Hello, my Empty Nest Friend!   My guest, today, Jenn Musselman, is so much fun. She's a closet coach, a certified professional life coach with a niche in closet coaching (more about that in the episode), and also manages one of my favorite places to hang out - and get my hair done - Reveal Salon, located in Chester Springs, PA. One visit there and you'll know why I think of it so fondly.   Jenn chose to be open and honest with us in sharing some of the thoughts she's had as her youngest heads off to college. She surprised herself with a couple of them and one she even had herself questioning, "where did this thought come from?" Now, if you have listened to a few of my episodes or more, you know I view observing and questioning your thoughts as healthy.   A special thanks to Jenn for joining me and for opening up to us in this way. May you find some comfort in what she shares. Take a moment to follow her on Instagram or Facebook while you are here. Links are below!   Take a listen, or read the full transcript on my website! Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review this podcast!  

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This Episode is Brought to You By

What You Will Learn in this Episode
  • An introduction to Jenn Musselman
  • The freedom in laughing at your thoughts
  • How your thoughts may be a bit more unusual than what you are used to
  • To consider talking about your emotions and thoughts
  • What Jenn offers as a closet coach
  • What Jenn is addicted to
  • And more!
Episode Questions for You To Consider
  1. What is the wildest thought you have had leading up to or going through the empty nest transition?
  2. Do you think Jenn should do stand-up because I think she’d be great! 
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You are preparing for the empty nest ahead as your child(ren) prepares, heads off to and experiences college.
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