YB2C Live! Ep #173 Don Ferguson: Teeq Uniquely Distilled Tequila
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Welcome to Season 3, Episode #173 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs featuring our special guest, Don Ferguson, co-CEO of Teeq Premium Tequila, a unique and upscale spirit meant for sipping, not gulping from a shot. Teeq Premium Tequila is one of only three Michigan tequila brands.

We record this podcast weekly from our studio in the Green Garage Coworking Community in Midtown Detroit. 

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About Our Guest

Before co-founding Teeq Premium Tequila, Don had no background in this industry whatsoever. Among other previous careers, Don was a divisional vice president for a major financial company for eleven years and one day! Although he was quite successful in corporate America, he decided that he wanted to do more in his life beside just sitting in a cubicle, look out of the window, and watch the world go by.

About The Company

Don set out to learn as much as he could about the tequila spirit, and he fell in love with the knowledge that it takes seven years just to grow the special agave plant used even before the production and distillation processes can begin. All agave plants are grown and harvested only in certain regions of Mexico.

Some of the benefits of tequila is that the spirit is low in sugar, keto friendly, and gluten free. A premium tequila is meant to be sipped, not gulped, and does not leave you with a nasty hangover.

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What Our Guest Talked About

The agave is part of the aloe vera plant family, and the distilling of tequila goes all the way back to the Aztecs. The plant is harvested by actual people and baked underground for up to thirty-five hours. The plants are then sent to a distillery in Mexico that uses the same wooden barrels used to distill whiskey, where it is age for eight months. The entire process is completed in Mexico under strict governmental regulations. The name “tequila” is actually trademarked by the Mexican government.

Once the tequila is ready for the market, Teeq Tequila transports it here to Kalamazoo, Michigan, which takes between eight and ten days. Then starts the process of getting the bottles into stores and ensuring that all liquor license regulations are followed. 

All of that work, from the agave plant to the store shelves, as well as educating people about premium tequila, is what Don finds so interesting about working in his company. 

Words of Wisdom

Don says that to start, grow, and manage a business successfully, an entrepreneur you must be passionate about your product or service, you must be consistent in your work ethic, you must be open to continually learning, and you must constantly market and promote your company and yourself as the CEO.

Don reminds our listeners that to find out more, just Google “Teeq Tequila” and everything about them will show up.

Teeq Premium Tequila Website: https://teeqspirits.com


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