YB2C Live! Ep #61 Annie Holden Anthropologist and Travel Accessory Entrepreneur
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Annie Holden is an Australian anthropologist and entrepreneur who wants to bring other travel enthusiasts a products made especially for travel, convenience, and safety.

Welcome to Episode #61 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. Every week we discuss the entrepreneurial journey, including interviews with business owners of all sizes from Detroit and all over the world who share their stories to give you inspiration, motivation, and tips for overcoming challenges and achieving success for your business.

Annie Holden, anthropologist and entrepreneur, is no stranger to travel and the inconveniences that one may face when they are on any expedition.

She recalls always being told that her bra was the best place to keep her money and other important small items, because she will never lose them there. This sparked Annie’s idea to develop a bra especially for travel. Appropriately, this product would be named the Travel Bra.

Annie spent six months working with a lingerie designer in order to develop the bra, and quickly patented her design—ultimately winning a design award for it!

While today the Travel Bra has made a bit of a name for itself, Annie has faced a lot of marketing ups and downs. At times Annie found herself to be too ambitious, and expecting too much from her product and sales, without really realizing how much work needed to be put into it. Soon, Annie was able to discover the importance of marketing and search engine optimization, which really helped her product in the long run.

In order to fund her product, Annie utilized a few different platforms. Among classic social media, like Instagram and Facebook, Annie also found herself a contestant on the show Shark Tank. However, sadly, Annie never even got featured on the show! She was left on the cutting room floor.

Kickstarter, a website used by many entrepreneurs to fund their products, is absolutely worth it, according to Annie. Annie shares her advice on how to make Kickstarter work for you, which she has learned through trial and error.

After finding that her product was not selling as well as she wished it would, Annie went in for a total redesign of her product. Soon, she reimagined her product, hoping that a simpler design would sell better and be more cost effective. Sadly, the Travel Bra just wasn’t selling!

She knew there was a need in the market for her product, so she slowly developed a customer base and was able to utilize these connections with her loyal customers to improve sales. Through loyal customers, as well as advocates such as travel bloggers, Annie is able to spread the word about the Travel Bra. Annie put her product on Amazon, and found this to be a great way to really get her product out there. Today, Annie sells around 50,000 Travel Bras a year!

Annie has worked to expand her product line, knowing each customer would probably only buy one travel bra, because there isn’t much of a need for multiple, once you have the one.

Today, Annie is developing a moisturizer made especially for when you’re flying—as Annie is no stranger to how dry a long flight can become, and how damaging it can be to the skin. Through a new brand called Love Everything Travel, Annie has begun developing the In Flight Magic Moisturizer, which is set to release soon! 

Through the advice of mentors, Annie has been able to learn what is and is not important when marketing your products and breaking into the entrepreneurial world. We always say that having mentors and being a mentor is so important!  

In addition to her product lines, Annie also develops a podcast, newsletter, and blog about women and travel entrepreneurs.

Annie has lost a lot in her journey in developing the Travel Bra, but she has discovered ways to supply her very unique and necessary product to other travel enthusiasts.

Annie’s best advice for entrepreneurs is: if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.


Find out more about Annie Holden and her travel products by visiting The Travel Bra, Love Everything Travel, and by listening to her podcast and reading her blog!

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