YB2C Live! Ep 68 Timothy Simpson Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer
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Timothy Simpson has been an entrepreneur since he was 8 years old, today he offers youths and adults alike the tools to build their own business and earn their own fortunes!

Welcome to Episode #68 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. Every week we discuss the entrepreneurial journey, including interviews with business owners of all sizes from Detroit and all over the world who share their stories to give you inspiration, motivation, and tips for overcoming challenges and achieving success for your business.

Timothy talks with us all the way from South Carolina!

Timothy has been a businessman of sorts all his life! At 8 years old, in Oklahoma, he started a community based cleaning company for army families who were constantly moving. At 10 years old, in Germany, he started a babysitting business. At 12 years old, he started a lawn care service. By the age of 13 he’d already started three companies!

Timothy calls himself a “serial entrepreneur.”

By the age of 19 until today, he has owned 11 different businesses in 6 different industries. Everything from cleaning, tire and automotive, lawn care services, restaurants, digital marketing, payday loan companies. Today he is a business coach and consultant!

His business moves with him, he works all over the United States and the world. The digital era we live in has helped him bring his business straight to the global market.

He works to teach business tools; such as financial literacy, leadership, and personal development all over the world. Even in Ghana, Africa!

He believes anyone can become an entrepreneur, and stresses the importance of social media for every businessperson.

Timothy talks about his junior academy, where he teaches kids entrepreneurship and helps them launch their own businesses! Some of his students earn some $50 - $300 a week with their own businesses!

Timothy believes that high unemployment = high crime. That means, kids need options and opportunities to be employed and earn money so that they can keep to the right path and avoid a life of possible crime.

Timothy offers youths the options and opportunities to earn their own fortunes!

He advises our audience to “never give up on education!”  Even if it is just self education, it is important to never stop exploring what you are interested in.

Pam and Timothy explore the many layers and forms of learning and education.

Timothy’s children’s book “No Training Wheels,” which he describes as a modern day version of “The Little Engine That Could.”

“No Training Wheels” is available on Amazon for FREE with Amazon Unlimited!

Timothy calls himself a “Business Mythbuster,” and explains that you do not need to have money to make money. You just need to have ambition.

While many potential entrepreneurs have amazing visions, they may not know how to turn that vision into a reality. Timothy offers multiple plans that can help entrepreneurs set goals for themselves and their businesses. Timothy is there to help you actualize your dreams, and make money on them!

Timothy reminds us: excuses and procrastination are the real dream killers!

Find out more about Timothy Simpson and his many businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities by connecting with him on his website www.timthemotivator.com, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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