YB2C Live! Ep #67 Tom Jackobs: The Impact Pilot
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Tom Jackobs made the bold decision to go into self-employment during the recession, and it’s safe to say that his work paid off! Tom offers us his tips on how to make it BIG while being your own boss.

Welcome to Episode #67 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. Every week we discuss the entrepreneurial journey, including interviews with business owners of all sizes from Detroit and all over the world who share their stories to give you inspiration, motivation, and tips for overcoming challenges and achieving success for your business.

While LinkedIn is known as the hub for business relationship building, Pam and Tom met on Facebook! Since nearly everything is online based these days, you never know who you will meet, and what opportunities may come from them!

Tom has been an entrepreneur for 30 years. However, it all started when he was an ambitious sixteen year old with an idea to start a mobile DJ and string quartet business.

After running this business all through his teen and college years, Tom soon found himself wanting a more professional job. He completed a degree in Theater, but eventually found himself working in the oil and gas industry.

But once again, Tom began to feel ambitious, just as he did when he was sixteen. He caught what he calls the “entrepreneurial bug,” and decided to go into business for himself once again.

Tom realized that he needed to lose weight after working behind a desk for so long, and started working hard on his diet and exercise to get fit. Through this journey, he found he had a story to tell and started teaching people how to get fit, as a personal trainer

This all started in 2008! Right in the middle of the great recession.

It wasn’t long, just six months, until Tom realized running your own business wasn’t so easy as it may seem. Looking back, Tom notes that entrepreneurs need to recognize that they can ask for help, that they are not superhumans.

After almost failing in business, Tom invested in a business coach. Together, they came up with a sales process.

Tom realized he needed to sell the result, not the function. Afterall, no one wants to work out, but they do want to look fit! He learned to tell the solution to a problem, which is very important for any business.

Tom is able to apply his Theater degree in sales and for his talks and presentations. It’s all about presenting a sales pitch, by telling an elegant story.

Three stories:

  1. Founders story
  2. Sales stories
  3. Objection handling stories

After 9 years, Tom sold his fitness business, which is doing well under new owners.

Tom calls himself the “impact pilot,” as he helps businesses develop their stories to develop their business and effectiveness of their business.

Tom has a gift for us and our listeners, which can be found at www.tomjackobs.com/storybook.

 Traveling all around the world, Tom put on small group workshops on how to sell and manage businesses. In this he found great success, both for himself and his clients! 

As of now, Tom’s main goal is to help small business owners, and show them that they don’t have to struggle. You don’t need to make the same mistakes as everyone else!



Find out more about Tom Jackobs at www.tomjackobs.com.

Email Tom at Tom@TomJackobs.com.

Call Tom at (713) 244-5351

Connect with Tom on Facebook and YouTube!

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