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Todd McKay Merchant Services ISO helps his customers manage and understand their credit card processing by providing great customer service and relationships long term.

Welcome to Episode #66 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. Every week we discuss the entrepreneurial journey, including interviews with business owners of all sizes from Detroit and all over the world who share their stories to give you inspiration, motivation, and tips for overcoming challenges and achieving success for your business.

Todd McKay provides merchant service credit card processing as an Independent Sales Officer (ISO) through his business TM Services Inc. Pam and Todd met at a Detroit Startup Week workshop of Pam’s called “It’s Never Too Late to Be Great!”

Todd started out in finance, at a bank, and slowly made his way up in the industry. Eventually he began working for First Data, but found that he wanted to offer customer service his way.

He became an ISO. ISOs can sell credit card processing independently from First Data. By working as an ISO, he is able to control things like fees for his customers, which can easily make or break relationships in the credit card processing industry.

Todd as been an ISO for 3 years. He has found that he is able to offer the best customer service for his customers, without the pressure to make a sales quota.

Merchant services is the process of helping a business owner accept credit card payments, Todd explains, and there are a few different ways to do this. Todd provides a few examples of how processing can be done. It can be done via Gateway, Face to Face, or a traditional credit card processing device.

Todd partners with other point of sales systems, and links to different companies in order to process emerging service credit card processing.

He works with a wide variety of customers, such as car dealerships, doctors, lawyers, retail stores, grocery stores—any type of business that may accept a credit card.

McKay’s services supply a more close and personal relationship that can help his customers understand their sales processes.

Emerging service credit card processing is very competitive, Todd explains, but he has found a special niche in the industry through his close relationship building.

Both Pam and Todd agree that credit card processing should be considered a business expense!

Todd explains all of the fees that go into processing a credit card: interchange fee, merchant service fee, and monthly fee. Todd would rather his customer service be the best that it can be for his customers, and as professional as it can be. He offers no setup fee, and no cancellation fee. He reminds us that his customers manage the relationship, he is there for them!

He is able to help you understand statements and manage your credit card processing. Should there be some kind of issue or dispute with your business and your credit card processing, Todd McKay is there for you!

Todd advises our listeners to have belief in their passions and create quality relationships to really invigorate their businesses.

Todd finishes our interview by providing an algorithm for credit card processing and management success!


Find Todd McKay through his website or by calling him at (248) 480-3545 or email him at todd@tmservicesink.com 

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