YB2C Live! Ep #203 Trevor Lohrbeer: App Developer and Time Management Specialist
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Welcome to Season 4, Episode #203, of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs, featuring our special guest, Trevor Lohrbeer, Founder and CEO of Day Optimizer, a desktop + mobile web service that helps you convert your daily todo list into a daily schedule, so you can accomplish more. Trevor joined us from Berlin, Germany.

We record this podcast weekly from our studio in the Historic Boston-Edison District in Detroit, Michigan.

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About Our Guest

Trevor and I met through podcast networking activities, primarily the recent PodmaxGlobal Virtual Conference. Trevor calls himself a serial entrepreneur, having started at least four companies over his career. His current business is Day Optimizer, designed to help people become more deliberate in how they plan their day. The purpose of Day Optimizer functions by showing people how to balance their time and their personal and professional priorities.

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What Our Guest Talked About

Trevor discussed the planning process used by Day Optimizer, that uses a three-step process when reviewing your daily or weekly tasks and actives: 1) Commit. 2) Allocate. 3) Schedule. The Day Optimizer web and the mobile app encourage the user to create “mindfulness checkpoints” to check in and ask: Is this the most important thing to do at this time? Yes: keep doing it. No: Push it aside for something else.

For creatives, Trevor recommends that we schedule our “live” tasks in hard time blocks, and then schedule and “optional block,” and then another hard block. Do not schedule a hard block right after the creative tasks, and try not to schedule creative tasks right before a set appointment.

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Words of Wisdom

Trevor feels that everyone should have a chance to see how Day Optimizer can change the way people, and especially creative professionals, schedule their days and manage their time and their tasks. He is offering a free 7-day trial of the app at Day Optimizer.com.

Find Trevor Lohrbeer on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

What’s Next

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